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Simon Dee among the artists of the Binance NFT Marketplace

Simon Dee is among the Italian artists who will be dropping their NFT artworks on Binance‘s new platform, which is set to launch on 24 June.

Generally speaking, when the marketplace goes live, Binance will have 100 creators posting various NFT artworks or projects related to gaming, sports and more. In fact, the Binance NFT Marketplace will not only include NFTs related to art, but also from companies dealing with fashion, esports and much more.

Some of the artists that have already been announced are Dangiuz, Giovanni Motta, Emanuele Dascanio, Valentina Loffredo and Alessio Rio; while as far as non-art NFTs are concerned we will find those of Bayern Munich and Canadian football star Alphonso Davies, but also Lewis Capaldi, Trevor Jones, Michael Owen, Alphonso Davies, WePlay Esports, FC Dynamo Kyiv, eStarPro.

Simon Dee had this to say to The Cryptonomist:

“I’m elated about the launch of my collection on the Binance NFT Marketplace. I believe every artist wants to reach as many people as possible with their art and working with a brand of this magnitude is the perfect opportunity to showcase their work. When I decided years ago to take graffiti and transfer it from walls or trains to the digital world, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with it. I was aware that the digitalization of this artistic trend could be interpreted as a denaturalization of graffiti itself, but I was also certain that the exploration of this technique would give ample room for evolution. In fact, these two worlds, so distant from each other, enjoyed such a tangible synergy that they gave rise to a movement that today boasts many exponents and finds a strong response from the viewing public. The challenge in recent years has been to preserve my artistic background, the street flavour that distinguishes my art, and to let it be contaminated by new inputs, creating something that goes beyond graffiti and becomes more popular and accessible. On Binance, it will be possible to find a collection of portraits, where the graffiti from elaborate lettering becomes almost a texture and each word a small pixel within a larger drawing. Nine portraits in all will feature nine well-known faces that have influenced our imagination. Finally, a tenth work will feature an animation in a scenario very familiar to the world of graffiti; it will represent a journey and in particular the “first stop” of a long journey in this market, hopefullyā€¯.

Who is Simon Dee?

Simon Dee, born in 1988, began his artistic career in 2004 as a graffiti writer. After a long apprenticeship he consolidated himself as an artist all over the world by joining the most historical Italian graffiti crew, the TDK crew. He participates as an artist in international events as a representative of street art. In 2017 he abandoned his old stage name and Simon Dee was born. Graffiti is transferred from the wall to the digital world and social networks become the artist’s new canvas. To date, the artist has consolidated a large fan base, making him one of the most followed digital graffiti artists in the world. With a total of over 600K followers and 90 million views across the various platforms, Simon Dee creates new content every day with the intention of capturing the attention, even if only for a few minutes, of thousands of users who swarm the crowded streets of the web every day.


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