Ftse Mib starts the week on a positive note
Ftse Mib starts the week on a positive note

Ftse Mib starts the week on a positive note

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 21 Jun 2021

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The Ftse Mib surprises analysts and opens the week in positive territory. Currently, at the time of writing this article, the index of Piazza Affari gains 0.36% and reaches 25,306 points.

Influencing this trend is probably the fact that 7 companies composing the Ftse Mib basket are today paying dividends to their shareholders. Among these, Poste Italiane, Snam and Terna, today will release the balance of the coupon for the year 2020.

Specifically, Poste Italiane’s yield stands out at over 4%, as does Terna’s.

According to data reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, the most important economic newspaper in Italy, the Ftse Mib has gained 3.5% in six months, while the annual variation is +13%.

In its basket, today we note the price increase of Stellantis, which gains almost 2% and Prysmian (+1.8%). In contrast, the three companies that are detaching dividends today are in the red:

  • Poste Italiane -2.22%;
  • Terna -3%;
  • Snam -3.82%.

What is the Ftse Mib

The Ftse Mib is the most important stock index of the Italian stock exchange. Its name is an acronym that stands for Financial Times Stock Exchange Milan Index. It is a basket that includes 40 Italian companies listed on the stock exchange. Some of them, however, are based abroad.

It was created in 1992 under the name Comit, listing 30 companies. It became the Ftse Mib in 2009. It currently includes companies such as Enel (currently the most capitalized), followed by Stellantis (born from the merger between Fiat and Peugeot), Ferrari, Eni and Generali, to name but a few.

It reached its all-time high on 2 March 2020 when it touched 50,000 points. Another day that will remain memorable in its history is 13 October 2008 when it staged a rally that led to a daily gain of 11.5%. On the contrary, the worst day was 12 March 2020, when it lost almost 17% in a single day. These are dates that those in the crypto sector remember well: they were the days when the Coronavirus panic was taking over the markets and bitcoin also collapsed to be worth less than $4,000.


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