IOTA chosen for a German government energy project
IOTA chosen for a German government energy project

IOTA chosen for a German government energy project

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 4 Aug 2021

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IOTA has been selected for an innovative energy project in Germany. The project is called SUSEE (Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks). 

It is an initiative that aims to develop a scalable, reliable and secure system for the transfer and processing of sensor network data.

As explained on IOTA’s official blog, the project is a collaboration between energy grid operator SWO Netz GmbH, the two research institutes Fraunhofer FIT/IPT, TU Chemnitz University, and the SMEs peerOS GmbH, mCloud Systems GmbH, and TIP GmbH, to which IOTA will provide the technological infrastructure.

IOTA’s energy project

The initiative has received €2.6 million in funding from the German government under the 7th Energy Research Program. 

With this collaboration, IOTA will create a data transmission system linked to energy supplies. What is needed is a system that is scalable but also secure, capable of reading energy consumption data from end users, storing it and keeping it intact, safe from compromise. 

The project is ambitious. IOTA’s task will be to help ensure reliable and sustainable energy supply communication. 

Andreas Baumgartner, CEO of mCloud Systems and Consortium Lead explained: 

“The combination of cutting-edge IoT technologies and protocols enables an unprecedented level of confidence in the wireless transmission of information. Together with the IOTA Foundation and our collaborative partners, we are working on a technical solution that provides a secure and scalable foundation for infrastructure applications through state-of-the-art communications technology”.

Verena Honeck, scientific assistant of the Jülich project implementing agency:

“The joint project was selected because it is a highly innovative project in the field of networked sensor systems with application in the smart meter sector and involves qualified partners who represent an entire value chain”.

Daniel Demmer, co-founder of PeerOS: 

“We want to build an ECOsystem that is open to everyone, transparent and secure – data belongs to whoever creates it and not whoever offers the service. With this project, the real world is linked with the digital for the first time, and not just in an abstract deployment scenario but in a scenario that affects everyone. What do I use and how can I use my data to generate added value for myself and for society”.

Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at the IOTA Foundation: 

“Ensuring data integrity and data management encrypted and securely directly from the edge is the core DNA of IOTA. I am looking forward to working as part of a team of so many forward thinking organizations, to demonstrate how IOTA is being used as a security and integrity layer for upcoming applications, where a distributed resilient IT infrastructure against attacks is key”.


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