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Bitcoin for Hotties, Megan Thee Stallion explains BTC with Cash App

Megan Thee Stallion has released a video clip titled “Bitcoin for Hotties” made in collaboration with Cash App, the application that belongs to Square, by Jack Dorsey.

In the video, you can see the rapper address her fans, called “hotties,” and explain what bitcoin is and how it works.

She does this by answering a series of questions that are scattered throughout the video. The first, of course, is what is bitcoin, defined as a new kind of money. The rapper emphasizes the fact that no one can control it.

That is followed by an explanation of how much a bitcoin is worth. In this case, Magan Thee Stallion specifies that each bitcoin is unique, its uniqueness is certified by the blockchain, and you can’t make fake bitcoins.

“No matter how hard you try.”

The rapper is rather simplistic on the subject of price, saying that the value varies, just like with gold or oil. Plus, if many people buy, the price goes up; conversely, if a lot of people sell, the price goes down.

Finally, when she moves on to explain how to buy bitcoin, a real Cash App promotion comes in, where you can buy BTC starting from the value of $1.

The video is closed with a warning and a promise:

“Bitcoin is an investment so you can lose money the price can go up and down by the hour but the more you educate yourself on bitcoin the better equipped you’ll be to navigate those curves.

That’s all for now but with my knowledge and your hustle you’ll have your own empire in no time.”

Bitcoin for Hotties, the reaction on Youtube

At the moment, the Youtube video, released about ten days ago, has 187,000 views, which is not a lot considering the average youtube channel. But Cash App’s strategy can be curious: they recruited a rap music star, loved above all by young people.

That is actually the second video in the series; the first was dedicated to the world of investment and was released a month ago. The collaboration between the rapper and Cash App had already started last year. Others will likely follow this latest video.


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