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Walmart seeks cryptocurrency and digital currency expert

Walmart is looking for a product lead to work on projects explicitly related to cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. 

In fact, yesterday, it posted a job ad on its official Linkedin profile in which it reveals that it is looking to hire a director permanently to work on internal projects related to cryptocurrencies and digital currencies.

The ad reads:

“We are seeking a visionary leader who has a history of leading and scaling businesses. You will have a proven track record of building innovative solutions to customer problems by leveraging new technologies and customer insights.” 

The company is looking for a true “passionate about Digital Currencies” to work in the payments industry at what is effectively one of the world’s largest online sales companies.

The sought-after figure will play the role of head of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies within the company and will also be responsible for developing the strategy and roadmap. 

Walmart in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Walmart entered the blockchain industry back in 2018, but it’s only since last year that it has explicitly become interested in cryptocurrencies.

Its interest in digital currencies is undoubtedly also due to the acceleration this year in the development of digital currencies by central banks. If they were actually put on the market, they would have to rush to enable them as a means of payment alongside their current versions.

However, since a few months ago, several hypotheses have been put forward regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies themselves as means of payment to make purchases at Walmart. Such a decision could give a significant boost to the sector.

The fact that the company intends to hire such an important figure to work on integrating services related to both digital currencies and cryptocurrencies rather explicitly reveals that it is now absolutely possible to integrate the latter as means of payment on Walmart’s e-commerce sites, for example.

Walmart is the world’s largest company by total revenue ($548 billion) and the world’s largest private company by the number of employees (2.2 million). It owns over ten thousand stores in 24 countries worldwide.

It is listed on Wall Street (NYSE), and just last Friday, its share price reached an all-time high of over $150 before falling slightly below.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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