Dogecoin on Watford shirts: Premier League debut
Dogecoin on Watford shirts: Premier League debut

Dogecoin on Watford shirts: Premier League debut

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 16 Aug 2021

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Another piece enriches the relationship between sports and cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin is the sleeve sponsor of the Watford team in the English Premier League.

According to The Athletic, the actual sponsor is, which already appears on the front of the players’ uniforms. Still, as part of a larger deal worth between £700,000 and £1 million, has won the right to put the Dogecoin logo on the sleeve of the players’ uniforms. 

The team has just returned to the English top flight. Already last year, again by virtue of the partnership, this time with, the team played with the bitcoin logo on their sleeves in full view.

Watford has already made its Premier League debut this weekend, winning 3-2 against Aston Villa.

Watford and Mark Cuban: news makes Dogecoin (DOGE) price go up

Meanwhile, Dogecoin is experiencing another jump in price. Today, DOGE marks a +11%, returning to 33 cents. Dogecoin remains far from the historical highs of over 70 cents made in May before the price halved. But in any case, this 2021 is proving to be a decidedly positive year for Dogecoin, given its value growth and positions in the market cap rankings.

DOGE is becoming more and more mainstream, and not only thanks to Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO continues with his tweets to support the project, although he doesn’t hold any position in the team, nor is he directly involved in the development.

His popularity in the sports world is continuing to grow. Some time ago, Dogecoin had debuted in a car race, but to tell the truth with little success. Apparently, the entrepreneur Mark Cuban, owner of the Maverick Dallas basketball team, is contributing in this sense, telling CNBC:

“It’s a medium that can be used for the acquisition of goods and services. The community for doge is the strongest when it comes to using it as a medium of exchange.”

Recently, a special discount on NBA team gadgets was announced for those who pay in Dogecoin.

And if it may seem like a way to advertise the cryptocurrency, in reality, it is not so. Because DOGE, Mark Cuban explained, is the crypto used in 95% of official Maverick Dallas merchandise purchases. That makes it clear that as a means of payment, DOGE is more palatable than bitcoin.

These events are also most likely contributing to Dogecoin’s price growth.


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