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Paris Hilton explains NFTs on The Tonight Show

Yesterday on the famous Tonight Show, Paris Hilton attempted to explain what NFTs are. 


The famous heiress already made it known some time ago that she had entered the world of NFTs, so it’s not surprising that yesterday she tried to explain what they are. 

In fact, she was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and Fallon asked her if she could explain what an NFT is. 

Hilton answered, saying that they are Non-Fungible Tokens and that they can be used to sell, for example, artworks, music, and so on. 

The explanation was actually very stringent, so much so that Jimmy Fallon’s expression looked a bit perplexed about it, but that wasn’t the point. 

Paris Hilton and the world of NFT

Paris Hilton is not the best person to explain on TV what NFTs are. Still, the fact that she talked about them during what is perhaps the most popular evening TV show in America means not only that a significant portion of Americans has heard about them, but that they have also been able to hear what they are and what their use, albeit in such a trivial and concise way that they surely didn’t quite understand what they’re about. 

Incidentally, Hilton also suggested to Fellon that he sell his jokes online in the form of NFTs. Still, the host took this suggestion jokingly and diverted attention away from this hypothesis. 

It should be noted that, in particular, thanks to the art industry and the music and entertainment industries, NFTs are a technology that is gaining even greater visibility at times than Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. 

Even though NFTs have a significant component linked to the world of investments and finance, they also have uses beyond mere speculation. For this reason, they perhaps attract a smaller number of skeptics than, for example, the enormous amount of skeptics that cryptocurrencies attract. 

The curious thing in all this is that the financial component, if not speculative, linked to NFTs is probably the winning element that has promoted their diffusion. Still, maybe the fact that this component is also flanked by others that don’t have strictly to do with finance makes them less hostile, especially to those who see more evil than good in finance. 

In such a scenario, words like those pronounced by Paris Hilton at the Tonight Show could help further to make this technology more and more accepted, dragging with it inevitably also cryptocurrencies in the limelight. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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