Bleecker Street launches NFT teaser of “I’m Your Man” film
Bleecker Street launches NFT teaser of “I’m Your Man” film

Bleecker Street launches NFT teaser of “I’m Your Man” film

By Stefania Stimolo - 24 Aug 2021

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Film studio Bleecker Street Media has launched its official NFT: the one-sheet teaser of I’m Your Man, the film set for release late next month, starring actors like Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens and Maren Eggert.

I’m Your Man, how to get the film’s NFT

The marketplace chosen for the launch is Chronicle, which, for the promotion, is now holding the lottery in which fans who participate could win the launched NFT.  

The film was directed by Maria Schrader and will be released in the U.S. on September 24 after its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Earlier this year, Eggert earned the Silver Bear award for acting at the Berlin International Film Festival, where the film had its world premiere.

Bleecker Street Media’s opportunity to offer its fans the chance to get the NFT for free by entering the sweepstakes. 

On that note, Tim Glover, co-founder of Chronicle, said: 

“Chronicle’s mission is to build an accessible marketplace for top brands to offer collectible digital NFTs to their fans. We are excited to partner with Bleecker Street to bring the art of the I’m Your Man one-sheet to life through the creation of this unique NFT that anyone has the opportunity to win.”

Chronicle is the NFT marketplace dedicated to the entertainment industry: movies, TV music, sports, arts, culture. In Q3, the platform will offer premium assets and a native XNL token that offers exclusive rewards.

Movies and NFT: the new combo is catching on

And if Bleecker Street Media is offering its first NFT representing the teaser of the new movie as a gift, there are other NFTs that are offering the entire movie instead.

The one-sheet teaser, in fact, is the document that represents the preliminary advertising campaign of the new film, the one that arouses the most curiosity in the audience. 

Quite different then, the NFT being launched on the Vuele platform by Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. It is an NFT that would represent his new film Zero Contact, shot entirely online using Zoom, during the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here, in this case, it will be possible to get an actual NFT movie. Zero Contact stars the likes of Veronica Ferres, Aleks Paunovic, Lilly Krug, TJ Kayama, and Martin Sternmark. 

The NFT and film combo is, therefore, gaining momentum in recent years in all its nuances. Last September 2020, for example, another film Dear Superstar V was set to go on sale as the first film in the NFT format. 

In that case, the mBlu car had announced that it was using WAX’s blockchain and that the NFT movie offered was a short film. At that time, the NFT had been sold for 25 thousand WAX, the equivalent of over $1000. 

The NFT sector also attracts giants even in finance

The latest news that confirms more and more the explosion of the NFT sector is the declaration of VISA to have entered the market with the purchase of a CryptoPunks. 

Therefore, a new awareness that the expansion of this market is destined to continue and that the giants of finance certainly cannot sit back and watch without participating.

In fact, only in August, the NFT market has recorded volumes of 1 billion dollars, against all of 2020, which closed with 100 million dollars of traffic. 

Visa’s choice to purchase a CryptoPunks is also no accident. These NFTs were created on Ethereum’s blockchain “way back” in 2017 when the industry was far from today’s value. 

And in fact, the total 10,000 CryptoPunks are now worth over $2 billion, and there are collectors capable of spending staggering amounts of money. An absolute craze that has also attracted Visa. 

Stefania Stimolo

Graduated in Marketing and Communication, Stefania is an explorer of innovative opportunities. She started out as a Sales Assistant for e-commerce, and in 2016 she began to develop a passion for the digital world, initially in the Network Marketing sector, where she discovered and became passionate about the ideals behind Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, which lead her to work as a copywriter and translator for ICO projects and blogs, and organize introductory courses.

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