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Didi Taihuttu: Bitcoin and the protest against the vaccination passport

Didi Taihuttu shared the sentiment of those anti-vaccine passport protesters in Amsterdam, who displayed the pro-Bitcoin sign that read: “They can only control us because we use their currency”.

Here’s the tweet from the “Bitcoin Family” Daddy:

“Bam. This bitcoin sign at the Amsterdam NoVaccinePassport protest says it all”.

It is a protest against the system in all respects, both from a health and financial point of view.

Indeed, the focus of this comparison between the vaccination campaign and the use of fiat currencies can essentially be based on the citizen’s obligation to follow the government’s directive, without freedom of choice. 

Not only that, another significant factor for those who understand bitcoin, is the traceability by the government of the behaviour of each of its citizens which would trigger a “control ” over their lives. 

In this sense, bitcoin is the tool that frees man from the centralized financial system, while for today’s vaccination campaign, the only alternative for those who do not agree with the idea, is just not to do it.  

Vaccination passport is becoming compulsory

Didi Taihuttu against the vaccination passport

The fact that Taihuttu was in favour of Bitcoin and the decentralized system is obvious. The daddy of the famous Dutch Bitcoin Family has been selling all their properties since 2017, choosing to live off BTC, travelling the world and spreading the “word”. 

But now, his idea against vaccination passports is also officially public, which could be a problem for him and his beloved family to travel. 

In the Netherlands, as in all European countries, freedom of choice on whether or not to vaccinate is increasingly moving in the direction of compulsory vaccination. Governments use vaccination passports to induce people to choose to be vaccinated in order to facilitate free movement between countries. 

In Taihuttu’s case, travel has become an essential element. In the middle of last August, Taihuttu claimed to be storing their bitcoin in secret vaults located on four different continents. 

Specifically, six vaults were chosen in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. It is now difficult to reach one’s wealth in BTC, if a vaccination passport is almost “compulsory”. 

Didi Taihuttu: Bitcoin as a symbol of freedom 

The man who stands for freedom and movement, however, continues his “work” to raise awareness in the world about the queen of crypto Bitcoin. 

Recently, on the social network of crypto-lovers, Twitter, Taihuttu asked his 37,586 followers how many bitcoin they would need to own today to be able to live off of at least $50,000 a year in income for the next 10 years. 

In other words, Taihuttu would have actually assumed that over the next 10 years the price of BTC could continue to rise, so as to arrive at an average revenue from selling BTC at higher prices, of at least $50,000 per year.

And so on social media, followers of the Bitcoin Family began to respond with various ideas, calculations and predictions. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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