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BitTorrent File System launches NFT Hub to store NFTs

BitTorrent File System (BTFS) has launched NFT Hub, allowing distributed storage of NFTs, free of charge and on TRON’s blockchain. Here is the official announcement:

“BTFS-powered NFT Hub is launched! NFT Hub, a free #NFT distributed storage solution developed by #BTFS core team, enables developers to protect NFT metadata using content-addressable and decentralized storage”.

How does NFT Hub work and what are the benefits?

The new NFT Hub solution reportedly aims to store data in a distributed manner, creating a global network of countless peers for storing Non-Fungible Tokens.

Developers can protect NFT metadata precisely by using the decentralized (or distributed) network of BTFS, which is fully integrated on TRON.

The advantages described by the platform are mainly related to guaranteeing the stability and reliability of the data stored on the NFT Hub, as well as their protection in terms of ownership.

The use of this ecosystem overcomes the limitations of current systems. In fact, if the NFTs uploaded to website servers were to have errors, they could also be lost, along with all the data and information connected with them.

NFT Hub, on the other hand, would reduce this danger by using the blockchain, as the data to be stored on BTFS nodes would be divided into a number of file fragments, which would then be encrypted and hosted on nodes around the world. In this way, BTFS would be able to recover and repair the data. 

Bittorrent Fyle System NFT Hub aims to store data in a distributed manner

The continuing evolution of the NFT sector

The NFT or Non-Fungible token sector continues to evolve. BTFS’s current solution is another example of blockchain services dedicated to this market.

Not only that, NFTs are often linked to other application fields, such as gaming and the metaverse, which many crypto operators have been mentioning lately.

In this regard, the Chief Of Staff of Huobi, Ciara Sun commented on her official Twitter channel:

“The blockchain powered gaming sector keeps increasing. August confirmed the trend we started observing in July, where the usage begins to drift heavily towards games. The metaverse and relevant layer-2 solutions keep preparing themselves to welcome a more mature gaming sector”.

In addition to Sun, other names such as Pokémon Go’s John Hanke also reportedly spoke out in late August about the growth of the metaverse in entertainment gaming, sounding a small alarm.

Indeed, Hanke would have described the metaverse as the worst dystopian nightmare should it be used beyond the gaming industry.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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