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Teslas are now being exchanged for NFTs

Famous YouTuber Dan Markham of the “What’s Inside” channel has sold his Tesla by trading it in for an NFT.

Here is the post from NFT seller Eli Burton with his new car:

A Tesla for NFTs

Who knows whether or not he will regret it in a few years. These are the words of the YouTuber:

“Looking back on this in one year, two year, three years from now it could be a monumentally dumb decision but it also could be a great decision. I think these cars have a lot of value for a long time and I do believe in NFTs”.

Britons love NFTs

According to a report released today by the Terra Virtua platform, a third of British users have bought at least $300 worth of collectibles over the past week and 10% now also want to invest in NFTs soon.

The survey was conducted among 2002 UK consumers during the week of 6-13 September. Of these people, 28% had bought collectibles of some kind and were interested in the world of non-fungible tokens.

British people love NFTs

These people would own at least 100 items in their collection, while 11% would own over 400.

It is therefore interesting to note that these collectors of the physical world are also to some extent fascinated by the world of NFTs.

These are people who spend an average of £360 per item on physical collecting and have an age range of 35 to 44.

Gary Bracey, Terra Virtua CEO said:

“The world of modern collectibles is a fascinating space. It’s great to see that in 2021, collecting is still such a big part of British life; it transcends age groups, from young to old, male to female. And whilst physical collections are still hugely popular, it’s exciting to see digital collections starting to get traction with the wider public. At Terra Virtua we are privileged to be working with incredible entertainment brands, such as Dynamite Entertainment, on bringing ground-breaking digital collectibles to fans around the world”.

These are the 10 most bought items according to the survey:

  • Coins – 36%
  • Sports memorabilia – 21%
  • Prints – 12%
  • Gaming – 12
  • Vinyls – 12%.
  • Art – 12
  • Comics – 11
  • TV memorabilia – 11
  • Film memorabilia – 11
  • Dolls – 9%


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