Ryan Selkis: Messari founder to run for Senate
Ryan Selkis: Messari founder to run for Senate

Ryan Selkis: Messari founder to run for Senate

By Marco Cavicchioli - 23 Sep 2021

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Messari founder Ryan Selkis has announced that he will run for the US Senate in 2024. 

He did so with a very stark tweet posted on his official Twitter profile. 

In the tweet, he uses strong words against those who, during one of his events, presented a subpoena to one of the speakers by entering without even buying a ticket. 

He added: 

“Enough talk. More war on our out of control regulatory state”. 

Ryan Selkis will run for Sanate to provide information on cryptocurrencies

In a later interview, he confirmed that the aggressive tone of this tweet expresses the sentiment that most people in the crypto industry are feeling right now, even if they don’t often express it publicly. 

With this tweet, he also announces what could be his warhorse of an election campaign three years from now. 

The next elections for the US Senate will be held at the same time as the next presidential elections, in 2024. 

Ryan Selkin Senate crypto regulation
US are trying to regulate crypto sector

Until then, there will still be time and opportunity to return again and again to the issue of regulation of the crypto sector, of which Selkis is one of the world’s leading players. 

Messari, of which he is founder and CEO, is an important organization dedicated above all to information and insights, whose mission is to bring transparency to the crypto world to help investors, regulators and the public make sense of this revolution. 

Future campaigning and regulation

The company is working on creating many analytical tools with the aim of also helping regulators better understand this new market. 

Already in a previous tweet in August, Selkis complained that those operating in the crypto market often feel as if they have to apologize for operating in an industry still in its early stages, “walking on egg shells around politicians and regulators”.

The new cryptocurrency financial market was created from scratch and in less than a decade has reached 2 trillion in market capitalization without any help from institutions or governm

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