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Worldcoin scans irises to give cryptocurrencies for free

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and co-founder of Worldcoin with Alex Blania, has launched a special competition. Promising to give cryptocurrencies for free, he offered a deal to people who join the initiative.

How to get free cryptocurrencies with Worldcoin

The exchange involves having your iris photographed and recorded through an eyeball-like object called “The Orb”. The prototype for ad personam eye registration has already been deployed in 12 countries. There are about 100,000 connected users who have joined the cause.

The registration will take place through an encrypted line that will detect the scan of each eye and transform it into a unique and personal code. Altman explains that under the world’s privacy laws, no data on those who choose to be scanned will be linked. The uncertainty that arose immediately after the announcement was whether a control room would be created according to a single database collecting all the data.

However, the company does not seem to intend to follow this “biometric” line. Or at least that is what it has stated.

Worldcoin’s mission

The hunger for cryptocurrencies is certainly a testament to the fact that the world of digital currencies is growing exponentially and that many people see this as a kind of freedom and democratic globalized exchange. In fact, Worldcoin gives away a free share of its cryptocurrency immediately after registration via iris.

The single mission at the moment of the crypto start-up is to reach one billion scanned users within the next two years. The aim of all this communication is, as the direct promoters state, to make cryptocurrencies enter everyone’s daily life. In addition, the innovative announcement also wants to raise awareness for collaboration with new developers to create innovative apps that could affect the Worldcoin sphere.

The challenges of Worldcoin

Many see this as a change in the media usage sphere. According to CEO Altman, trying to use a different technology, without airdrops or similar means, should lead to a rapid globalization of cryptocurrencies based on a democratic distribution. In addition, the internal organization of this start-up has the idea of going beyond governmental lines. Altman argues that institutional rules can be changed, talking about individual independence and equal opportunities on a global scale.

According to Worldcoin, the best part of the project is avoiding the use of multiple steps to make a simple payment with cryptocurrencies. Through iris scanning each user will have their own declination and customization of exchange movements. Through the eye-trace, users will therefore be able to freely access their wallets directly and quickly.

Sam Altman

However, the company is leaving a degree of uncertainty as to the future result, as it does not know how users will really respond. What is certain is that Worldcoin is attracting a number of investors. These include Andreessen Horowitz, a company with its own $2.2 billion crypto fund. 

Worldcoin’s token supply is set at 10 billion. 20% of these tokens are part of funds for the large-scale production of “The Orb” scanner devices and the development of the following protocol. To those who tried to raise questions about the possible fragility of the security system, Worldcoin admitted that it has no problems.

The operating scheme is resistant to attempts of any fraudulent or counterfeit activity. At a time like the world where cyber security has become the fixed theme of the latest regulatory lines, Worldcoin opens a new chapter. We will certainly be watching what is promised.