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Twitter: Lightning Network tests started on Android

After launching Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network on iOS, it now appears that Twitter has started testing them on the Android app as well. 

Twitter brings Bitcoin and Lightning Network to Android

Twitter is a popular social network in the crypto industry, and bitcoiners often prefer Android to Apple due to the fact that it is not a completely closed system, but open source. 

Many Bitcoin holders use Android, so Twitter would be well advised to activate LN payments for those using Google’s operating system as soon as possible. 

At the moment, however, there are no plans to enable this feature on the social network’s website. 

The fact that Twitter is working to enable Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network on Android was revealed by the user Manchun Wong, who posted some screenshots presumably taken from a beta version of the Android app. 

It is not yet known when the company will release this update for Android app owners, nor when the Bitcoin tip cashing service will be extended outside of the US and El Salvador, as a Strike account is required to use it, which cannot be obtained if one is resident in other countries.

LN Twitter Android
Twitter: Lightning Network tests started on Android

Tips on Twitter

To date, the company has not even provided usage data for the new feature since it was introduced last month. Strike has also not yet released usage data. 

For now, all users of the Twitter app on iOS can send Bitcoin tips via LN, while only those with the iOS app and an account on Strike can receive them. Strike currently only allows US and Salvadoran users to use it. 

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino commented, saying: 

“We welcome Twitter’s decision to allow bitcoin Lightning Network payments on Android devices. We may see a ready uptake among those using the tipping feature. The Lightning Network is capable of overseeing billions of transactions per second, an extraordinary advance from bitcoin’s current rate of 7 transactions per second. It also far exceeds traditional payment providers that currently manage about 60,000 transactions per second. The possibilities are really endless because Lightning Network overcomes scalability obstacles associated with the blockchain without surrendering security, trustlessness, or privacy. As a pure peer-to-peer protocol that is extremely scalable, the Lightning Network is poised to succeed in achieving mass adoption for bitcoin as a means of payment”.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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