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How to configure a MetaMask wallet

 MetaMask has been absolutely one of the most used Ethereum wallets for a long time now. 

Using the MetaMask wallet

It is an extension for browsers, so it allows direct connection between the wallet and web applications. 

For this reason, the first step you need to take to set up a wallet on MetaMask is to install the appropriate extension on your browser. 

The extension can also be installed on different browsers owned by the same person, using the same wallet with different browsers. 

After installing the extension, you obviously need to open it and start the configuration. 

The first step is to choose a password. As usual, we recommend a difficult password, different from any other password, and it is not recommended to store it in electronic format on a device connected to the Internet. 

Since MetaMask is a real cryptocurrency wallet, security is paramount because anyone who can get full access to any wallet can dispose of all cryptocurrencies and tokens stored in it at will. 

The second step is saving the seed or the twelve secret words that allow you to use the same wallet on multiple browsers or devices, which must be saved and protected with extreme care because it is enough for any other user to take possession of the wallet. 

Once the seed is saved, it is necessary to insert it to make sure to access the extension to the wallet that corresponds to that seed. By inserting it, you access the wallet, and the initial configuration is finished. 

In fact, the seed alone is sufficient for the creation of the wallet, and this is why it must be protected with extreme care. 

How to configure a MetaMask wallet

The public address

Obviously, just installed and configured, the wallet does not contain any cryptocurrency token, so it is useful only to receive. To deposit tokens, you need to use the wallet’s public address, which, as the name says, is public and not secret. 

Although this means that it is not necessary to protect it as the seed, in reality, the wallet remains anonymous only if no one knows the identity of the owner of that public address. So if you want to continue to use the wallet in total anonymity, you must make sure that no one knows your public address. However, that must be communicated to those who send the tokens to the wallet, but if you give it and do not communicate your name, you can continue to use it anonymously. 

Use the Metamask extension

Once you install and configure the extension in this way, the MetaMask wallet will always be available in your browser toolbar, ready to be used to connect to various web applications. 

In case you want to install the same wallet on other browsers, or you lose access to your MetaMask wallet, and you need to reinstall it, you just need to follow the same procedure above, but using the seed import feature at the time of initial configuration, and not the new seed generation feature. 

For the rest, it is used as a standard custodian wallet. 

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Marco Cavicchioli
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