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Axie Infinity, the most searched NFTs on Google in 2021

Axie Infinity takes the top spot as the most searched NFT collection on Google in 2021, with an impressive 706,000 global monthly searches. Next up are the NBA Top Shot and CryptoPunks NFT collections.

Axie Infinity NFTs and Google searches in 2021

According to a report by Bacancy, a software company with a specialty in blockchain development, Axie Infinity was found to be the most popular 2021 collection as a Google search. 

The total global monthly searches of 706,000 for Axie Infinity, outnumber the 396,000 for NBA Top Shot and the 42,000 for CryptoPunks, which ranked second and third respectively in this analysis of this year’s most Googled NFT collections.  

According to data from the internet’s leading search engine, the popularity of NFTs has exploded over the past year, averaging 1.6 million searches

In this regard, a Bacancy spokesperson commented as follows:

“The recent surge in NFT interest and sales provides an exciting new market for blockchain. The variety of NFT collections available creates an interesting new approach to digital art and collectibles. The growth of NFTs should be very interesting to watch in the coming months as individuals and companies continue to innovate in this space.”

Top 5 NFT collections searched on Google

The popular Axie Infinity features a collection of Axies“, game characters digitized as NFTs on Ethereum, which are collected and traded, allowing players to earn money while playing. 

This collection has a total value of $3.06 billion and 1.06 million traders, and an average of 706,000 global searches per month. 

Also on the podium of this top 5 NFT 2021 collection is NBA Top Shot which features NFTs of “digital moments” where owners have access to specific exclusive NBA footage. NBA Top Shot has a total of 473,442 traders, with a total value of $726.53 million. While in third place, CryptoPunks with its 42,000 monthly global searches is the famous NFT collection that started this year’s NFTmania. 

Not only that, this summer the CryptoPunk 3100 and CryptoPunk 7804 were put up for sale for $90 million and $357 million respectively. These record figures marked the evolution of the NFT market this year. 

In fourth and fifth place were Art Blocks, the NFT branded digital art collection with 10,000 global monthly searches, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) with 3,900.

NFT Axie Infinity

Other record numbers: Beeple and its million-dollar works

Remaining in the NFT sector, other record numbers, but not for Google searches, were recorded by Beeple, the Everydays artist sold for $69m. 

Last night, Beeple’s new work of art in the Non-Fungible Token format was auctioned at Christie’s for $29m, beating estimates of a maximum of $15m. 

The piece is “Human One“, a kinetic video sculpture corresponding to a dynamic NFT, depicting an astronaut, dressed in a mirrored helmet and a silver suit, walking through science fiction landscapes.

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