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Beeple auctioned at Christie’s: another NFT sold for $29 million 

Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, is back at Christie’s with another of his NFT artworks, “Human One”, which sold for $29 million during last night’s 21st Century Evening Sale. 

Beeple and his NFT auctioned for $29 million 

Another success for the most popular artist in digital art in Non-Fungible Token, Beeple, who just last night closed the auction for his NFT “Human One” for $29 million.

According to Christie’s marketplace, “Human One” is a kinetic video sculpture corresponding to a dynamic NFT. 

It features a 7-foot-tall astronaut, dressed in a mirrored helmet and silver suit, walking through science fiction landscapes. The video sculpture in the shape of a monolithic prism, has LED screens on each side reproducing the astronaut. 


Beeple and its success with NFT Art

The $29 million bid for Human One, exceeding estimates of $15 million, confirms Beeple’s celebrity in the NFT Art market. 

In fact, Beeple is the famous author of the artwork Everydays, which sold for $69 million, also at Christie’s. 

Last March, another of Beeple’s NFT works, “Ocean Front”, was bought by Tron CEO Justin Sun. The NFT auction, called Carbon Drop, reportedly closed for $6 million for Beeple’s work. 

With Human One, Beeple continues his career in NFT Art, defining the revolutionary technology of Non-Fungible Tokens as follows:

“I never would have had the means financially to make a work like HUMAN ONE. At no point had I ever thought of making this type of work, to be quite honest, just because it didn’t really exist to a large degree. And that’s what I think is super-exciting about NFTs. It feels like genuinely new work is being birthed through this technology, through this movement”.

NFT Art and its artists 

The NFT Art market continues to grow, with the likes of Beeple and others firmly believing in the value of Non-fungible Tokens. 

In this regard, Giovanni Motta, one of the Italian crypto artists continues his career in this field with his character Jonny Boy who embodies the strength and innocence of childhood, but also the metaphor of the inner child that inhabits every person’s conscience. 

Recently, NFT art has also been used for charity work by the national partner association Switzerland for UNHCR, to launch the agency’s first NFT sale. 

In this regard, artist Hani Abbas, collaborated by creating an NFT cartoon collection called “Windows” to raise funds in response to the crisis in Afghanistan. “Windows” recounts the significant experiences of the artist, who grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp. 

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Stefania Stimolo
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