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Buy Arbismart’s coin: RBIS’s rise follows Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu gains


New coins are entering the crypto arena all the time, with varying levels of success. Some shine brightly and then burn out quickly. Others have just kept gaining ground, with recent examples including Compound, Cardano and Solana. One up-and-comer with a token that has already gone up by more than 760% is RBIS, the native token behind the ArbiSmart project. 

Analysts are projecting that RBIS will be the next big breakout star, forecasting a 4,000% rise by 2023. 

Let’s see if we can determine whether it can stand up to the hype. 

What is behind RBiS and Arbismart’s current success?

Reduced risk

In 2020, ArbiSmart YOY growth stood at 150%, and so far in 2021 the project has seen 580% growth. To understand the increasing popularity of the ArbiSmart project and the consistent rise in the value of the RBIS token, let’s start by examining the utility. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart has seen 580% growth in 2021

ArbiSmart implements an automated investment strategy on behalf of clients, known as crypto arbitrage. This involves taking advantage of brief periods during which a coin is available across multiple exchanges simultaneously, at different prices. There are all kinds of reasons for these temporary price inefficiencies, for example disparities in trading volume between larger and smaller exchanges.

Platform users just need to sign up, deposit funds in fiat or crypto and then the algorithm takes over. It converts the funds into RBIS and uses them to trade crypto arbitrage, generating profits of up to 45% a year, depending on the size of the deposit

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart looks for price inefficiencies 24/7

ArbiSmart scans around 40 exchanges at once, 24 hours a day, looking for price differences on all types of digital assets. It then buys the asset on the exchange with the lowest price before immediately selling it on the exchange with the highest price, for the biggest possible profit.

Whether the market is experiencing a bear or a bull run, price inefficiencies will continue to emerge with the same frequency. So, a sudden shift in market trajectory, a not uncommon event in the highly volatile crypto arena, will not interrupt the flow of profits. This makes ArbiSmart a fantastic hedge as your crypto will retain its value even if the digital currency markets plummet. 

Unmatched yields

Profits from crypto arbitrage on the ArbiSmart platform start at 10.8% APY and reach up to 45% APY (0.9% to 3.75% a month), to which compound interest is then added. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart’s profits can go up to 45% a year

Unparalleled capital gains provide another source of passive income. The token has already risen by over 760%, meaning that a 10K investment in 2019, when RBIS was introduced became more than 76K in just two years, before even taking platform profits from automated crypto arbitrage into consideration. 

Then, if you choose to store your funds in a locked savings account for a contracted period, you can make as much as 1% a day in additional passive income.  

What will impact the RBIS price in moving forward?

New RBIS Utilities

There are a series of additional RBIS utilities in the pipeline scheduled for release in the months ahead, between now and the end of Q1, 2022. These include an interest-generating wallet supporting both fiat and crypto, a crypto credit card and a new yield farming program.

Arbismart RBIS
New utilities are coming from Arbirmart

As the number of RBIS utilities grows this will increase demand. However, while demand grows, the token supply is finite, capped permanently at 450m RBIS, so this is likely to significantly drive up the price. 

Token listing

Another demand-driver is the upcoming listing. By the end of 2021 if you want to use any RBIS utility, you will need to purchase the coin on a global exchange. It will then be accessible to a whole new audience, who cannot buy the token via the EU licensed platform, because they want to remain anonymous or live in countries from which ArbiSmart cannot accept registrations.  

The token looks to be weeks away from a major jump in value proving that it is worthy of all the recent buzz. So, if you want to be an early adopter of the next breakout coin, buy RBIS now

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