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Kalmar: a new all-in-one DeFi platform

Kalmar is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Kalmar, services and functionalities of the DeFi platform

The services available are manifold and include lending & borrowing, derivatives, payment systems, liquidity mining, etc…

The team’s mission is to create a single access point on the blockchain to address and solve blockchain problems, allowing users, whether new or experienced, a better user experience that is both simple and direct, as well as an intuitive and comprehensive user interface

In addition to innovating with its products, Kalmar will focus heavily on transitioning existing solutions from other blockchains, actively engaging the community for collaboration and feedback.

MVP (Most Viable Product)

The team has been working on the MVP for several months now, and features have already been released on schedule (a good sign of professionalism and organisation: the team is made up of experts from multiple sectors, but more on that later). 

Below are the services that can be found on Kalmar.

Leveraged Yield Farming

It offers the possibility for users to use leverage while farming on liquidity mining protocols on BSC (such as PancakeSwap, for example) allowing both lenders (those who offer loans) and farmer-borrowers (those who borrow and deposit LPs on farms) to enjoy significantly higher APY on a secure and robust platform. In short, leveraged yield farming is nothing more than yield farming combined with the ability to borrow assets and automatically reinvest farmed tokens and trading fees to increase returns over time.

The image below illustrates the process:

  1. The smart contract borrows the amount of BNB from the bank based on the user’s level of leverage.
  2. The assets are traded, making sure they have the same value on both sides of the pair.
  3. Liquidity is provided with the pair on the chosen protocol.
  4. LP tokens are received for the liquidity provided.
  5. LP tokens are then placed in the farm for that protocol.
  6. The reward tokens are farmed.
  7. Farmed tokens are sold for more liquidity, increasing the total value of the user’s position.
  8. Repeat the process

Kalmar Defi

AMM/DEX Aggregator (KalmySwap)

It allows users to access liquidity available on a large number of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), all from a single platform, KalmySwap. This also helps traders to get the best prices for the tokens they want to trade by comparing prices on multiple decentralized exchanges and choosing the best offer for the trade (i.e. lowest price impact).

The image below illustrates how this works. 

Kalmy Swap:

  • Reads prices and liquidity available on multiple DEXs
  • Chooses the best price for the user’s offer, taking into account the amount he wishes to trade

Kalmar Defi

GamiFi (Gamification)

Offers the possibility for users to access a “free to play” platform where everyone can enjoy the best gaming experience (completely deviating from the current “pay to win” model of major blockchain games).

This translates into an inclusive and tight-knit community that interacts, chats and invites other users to participate. 

The platform will offer the opportunity to actually earn real, tangible rewards with the full freedom to use them as desired. 

During development, the team is paying close attention to scalability and UX/UI so that the platform is fun, fast and easy to understand especially for those new to the crypto world.

NFT Fundraising

It offers the possibility for users to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) launched with a fundraising campaign. The NFT could then be exchanged for a one-off reward (as determined and provided by the fundraiser). 

This is a clever and at the same time original and fun way for companies, influencers and blockchain projects to raise capital. 

To organize a fundraiser, an application can be submitted using the following form. A member of the Kalmar team will respond to suitable applicants. 


On May 27, an IFO was launched on PancakeSwap for the $KALM native token. 

The token in question is essential for every service offered by the platform, both current and future ones, such as gamification, NFTs, etc. 

The total supply is 10,000,000 $KALM distributed as follows: 


Description Allocation
Liquidity Mining  59%
Private Sale Round 9%
Partners 9%
Team 8.5%
Fundraising NFT + IFO 14.5%


Behind such innovative and serious projects, there is always a highly professional and diverse team. In addition to talented developers, the team has members with a wide range of non-blockchain experience, which translates into a management advantage and the possibility to enter previously inaccessible markets. In this way, all the necessary elements for a successful project coexist in the team.

Additional information

For those who wish to deepen their curiosity or to better understand the mechanisms of Kalmar, please refer to the official documentation. There you will find step-by-step guides, useful graphics and even basic information on how to access DeFi on BSC (in case you are new and taking your first steps).

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