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Fashion and metaverse. New 3D trends

Soon after the announcement of the creation of the Meta metaverse, all the manufacturing sectors that create the global marketplace got their act together.

Fashion and the Metaverse. The D&G case

Facebook fooled us a little with this change of name, but as we all know, marketing controls the world. Fashion has always been at the forefront when it comes to following new global trends. We have already had the opportunity to observe the many historic brands, not only linked to the luxury market, opening up to blockchain technology.

With the sudden and very productive discovery of NFTs as a possible direct application to serve the consumer, high fashion houses such as D&G have led the way. The industry related to this sector has been making staggering revenues for quite some time.

Millions of euros are swirling around in the virtual spirals of the industry related to how we should dress one day. Not only because of the trend but also because of the way in which it is viewed and purchased. Almost all of them are now aligned in the use of galleries and virtual shops in which to take a tour to choose the best brand.

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Virtual reality and brands

Stefano and Domenico of D&G (Dolce and Gabbana) have added avatar profiles to their website that greet the potential customer with a funny dance on a graphically appealing background. The Gucci fashion house itself has opened its doors to Non Fungible Tokens with digital garments included in its latest collection.

The fashion world is also rushing into the immersive dimension of the metaverse. This new dimension, which is still little used by ordinary users (except for gaming approaches), will lead to a shift in the logic and strategies of traditional marketing.

Interacting online with the customer is one of the fundamental objectives to which all the major brands are referring.

Metaverse and Generation Z

Generation Z will give birth to a new type of customer based on shared virtual interaction in 3D and the possibility of socializing by shopping online in rooms created ad hoc by each brand. It will be almost essential for each of us to appear in the form of an avatar in the best possible way.

Applications for a programmed restyling of our aesthetic visions will certainly be born. Having the trendiest dress or accessories will not only concern the real world but will also have a strong value for the virtual one. The decentralized market is a project characterized by great economic returns for many sectors. Fashion holds the record as the creator of parts of this very project.

The project of the future seen in 3D

In an age defined by pandemic needs and emergencies, it seems that the immersive, virtual world of the metaverse appears as an optimal solution to escape from reality. The task of fashion has always been to create dreams linked to style and elegance (certainly not for all brands) and what better solution than the impalpable possibility of giving customers double the emotional return. 

Many things are changing, others will become priorities. The trend and styles of the new generation will take the world forward on a parallel plane, that of the “possible” metaverse.