Apple Glasses will arrive in 2022 and change the market
Apple Glasses will arrive in 2022 and change the market

Apple Glasses will arrive in 2022 and change the market

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 30 Nov 2021

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Apple is synonymous with innovation and disruption in the marketplace, which is what Apple Glasses, due to be unveiled in 2022, will aim for.

Apple Glasses, official announcement in 2022

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI Asset Management, Apple will introduce Apple Glasses next year. 

It will be a very powerful device, which will probably integrate the M1 chip, which has already revolutionized the Macbook. Apple Glasses will not replace the iPhone, but will complement Apple’s smartphone, although according to the TFI analyst, they could also work without a connection to a computer or smartphone. This makes them unique.

Apple Glasses will be Apple’s definitive entry into the world of augmented reality. The design comes across as complex and expensive. In addition, Apple will have to obtain numerous approvals for the use of the lenses in the countries where it intends to market them before release.

All this suggests that it could take longer.

Apple iPhone
iPhone changed the market

The announcement and launch of new Apple products

In order to circumvent the problem of bureaucratic procedures, Apple is reportedly taking a new route: presenting new products and launching them on the market even after some time. 

Apple has already launched events for new products, which are then released within days or weeks. For both the glasses and the Apple Car, the presentation may well be much earlier than the market launch.

According to insiders, Apple could unveil the Glasses as early as WWDC 2022, the annual developer conference scheduled for June 2022, but the retail release might not take place until later in the year, or in 2023.

With this strategy, Apple would avoid a succession of rumours and indiscretions about new products. Besides, sharing the official news only increases anticipation and excitement. The strategy had already been used in the past, so it would not be a novelty but a return to the origins. The first iPhone, for example, was announced in January 2007, only to arrive in shops 171 days later.

Everyone remembers what happened: the mobile phone market was never the same again, and while Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, Motorola and others tried to develop their own handhelds suitable for surfing the web, Apple changed the rules forever.

The Apple Car

This will be the strategy that Apple will follow for the launch of its electric car. It is no secret that the Cupertino company has been working on the Apple Car for some time now. But the testing phase could be very, very long.

What is certain is that the debut will not take place before 2025. Then it’s likely that a few more months will pass from presentation to arrival on the market.

After all, electric cars are not exactly Apple’s core business, and they will require a complete overhaul of logistics, from relations with states to supplies and repair centres.

However, electric cars, like glasses, promise to change the market and the sector forever. Just as the iPhone did 15 years ago.


Eleonora Spagnolo

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