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Apple seeks bitcoin payments expert

Apple may soon enter the world of cryptocurrency payments. This is indicated by a job advertisement for a business development manager in the “alternative payments” sector.

Reading the posting, the clue in this sense comes from the characteristics required of the figure: he must have at least 5 years of experience with alternative payment providers such as digital wallets, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), fast payments, cryptocurrencies, etc.

This figure will have to lead Apple into the world of emerging payments, and will have to do so by studying solutions that can also involve external partners, all in order to launch new programmes for customers.

Apple and cryptocurrency payments: the hypotheses

It is not known how Apple’s entry into the world of cryptocurrency payments will take place, and the job description suggests that it will be the chosen manager who will have to study the market, select partners, forge agreements and develop solutions.

So it is difficult to imagine how all this could evolve, but the certainty is that Apple is not far from crypto.

Several hypotheses are circulating: Apple could introduce Bitcoin payments or it could bring Bitcoin to its Apple Pay system. Another hypothesis circulating is that Apple could create a sort of wallet integrated into the iPhone, as Samsung has already done with its Keystore. The community on social networks has gone wild, but unfortunately no other rumours have come from Cupertino.

Some time ago it was rumoured that Apple might invest in Bitcoin, as Tesla had done shortly before, but at the moment, if this has happened, there has been no confirmation.

Surely if Apple were to also get into Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, no matter what, this could lead to a breakthrough and perhaps even mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The hope is also that Apple could help support a new rise in Bitcoin’s price to further all-time highs.

At the moment, however, BTC has received the news coldly, so much so that today the price dropped 5% and returned to test the $38,000 mark.


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