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Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Name Price per GH/s Minimum contract Supported Coins Founding Year
SHAMINING 0.0120 500 Bitcoin 2018
GMINERS 0.0122 500 Bitcoin 2018
Ecos 0.0135 500 Bitcoin 2020
Hashing24 0.0150 500 Bitcoin 2020
IQMining 0.0150 600 Bitcoin 2019
Genesis mining 0.0155 1000 Bitcoin 2020
HashShiny 0.0189 1000 Bitcoin 2021

Cloud Mining Sites

Where to find trusted cloud mining sites that offer legit, profitable Bitcoin mining with no scam and money grab? Find the answer in the following review. Since the Bitcoin price has almost doubled lately, an increasing number of average users want to be involved in a global crypto-mining process. Here is a shortlist of seven trusted cloud mining platforms that offer to invest in Bitcoin earning without buying any hardware.

Trusted cloud mining sites

SHAMINING is a licensed cloud mining platform well-known from 2018. Most users describe it as a trusted cloud mining site with daily payouts and a short payback period (something like a half of a year, depending on the chosen miner option). The company is based in London, England, along with three data centers in SAR, England, and the US. Cloud mining is provided with state-of-the-art GPUs and ASIC miners. The profitability rates start at 143%.

 For a more comfortable cloud mining process, every user gets a personal manager on SHAMINING. Sharing their hash power capacities with over 17 000 crypto investors, the SHAMINING team offers several cloud mining plans with high performance and pretty low prices. Easy and convenient cloud mining is available from any device, anywhere.


  • The minimum amount to enter cloud mining is $250.
  • Control from any device.
  • Lite Power and Pro Power miner options.
  • Individual miners for advanced crypto investors.
  • Different payment methods (including crypto wallets, credit cards, IBAN transfers).
  • Rewards are generated daily.
  • Fast withdrawals. 
  • Round-the-clock support with a short response time.

But are there any cons at all? The only shortage here is maybe the fact Bitcoin is the single available option on SHAMINING so far (no altcoins plans at the current moment). Meanwhile, if you are going to focus on BTC cloud mining, SHAMINING could be a pretty good choice.

Available miners

  • GPU miners (23 580 GH/s) for $ 0.0120 per GH/s.
  • GPU miners (94 340 GH/s) for $ 0.0113 per GH/s.
  • ASIC miners (235 849 GH/s) for $ 0.0109 per GH/s.

Another special is a 37% bonus on a first investment for everyone who wants to join the SHAMINING community for reliable and gainful Bitcoin cloud mining. Ready to start earning cryptocurrency, though? Sign up and get your 37% from the SHAMINING team.


Came up with a cloud mining service, GMINERS is a relatively young company with high-quality hardware, high performances, and good deals. We find this one the most promising at the moment because of a wide variety of miners and cloud mining plans, as well as reasonable prices for first-timers and advanced Bitcoin investors. The company owns three data centers (in Iceland, Kazakhstan, and Georgia) along with a head office in the UK. 


  • Personal manager for every authorized member.
  • The minimum entry amount is $500.
  • Average rates of return start at 143%.
  • User-friendly website interface.
  • You can control the cloud mining process from any device.
  • Fixed price 0.0120 per 1 GH/s.
  • Several kinds of one-year cloud mining contracts.
  • Withdraw funds at any time.

The key reason to start mining with GMINERS is a really worthy index of return from cloud mining. With $5000 as the first investment amount, you will get a $600 monthly return twelve months in a row. Not that hard to calculate that after one year of mining under a GMINERS contract, you will get $7200 in total. Pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Bitcoin cloud mining plans

  • Start with 90 000 GH/s leased power. The average profitability is 143%.
  • Professional with 450 000 GH/s leased power. The average profitability is 149%.
  • Smart with 2 000 000 GH/s leased power. The average profitability is 156%.
  • VIP with unlimited leased power. The average profitability is over 170%.

Still unsure if it’s worthy? The extra reason to start cloud mining with GMINERS is the current 30% off prices for all miner options. Sign up now and get your special -30% offer for profitable Bitcoin cloud mining. By the way, over 3000 Bitcoin investors from dozens of countries are already making their earnings with GMINERS.


Armenia and Russia-based Ecos company is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency service with profitable cloud mining, crypto exchange, multi-coin wallet, and token deposits tool. The provider runs equipment manufactured by Bitmain, the worldwide leading brand of professional cryptocurrency mining gear. The mission of a company is to provide crypto investors with simple, secure, and profitable tools for cloud mining as well as digital assets management. The other goal is the development of a global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Since Ecos has started, over 100 000 users from all over the world chose it as a reliable and trusted Bitcoin cloud mining website. 6575+ BTC has been mined there so far.


  • Personal cloud mining contracts and cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • The official app for iOS and Android.
  • Daily payouts.
  • Accepts credit cards (Visa/MasterCard).
  • Cloud mining contract duration from 12 up to 50 months.
  • Prices start at $149.

 Ecos allows earning Bitcoins as well as any popular altcoins and stablecoins. Users can create their own cloud mining contracts or even pick up cryptocurrency portfolios under several plans. Special offers are also available for every customer on-demand.


Meet Hashing24, a global hash power provider with head office in Ireland. The website launched in 2015 and today successfully sits on the top places in worldwide Bitcoin cloud mining rankings. At the current moment, the company focuses mainly on individuals who want to earn cryptocurrency using the benefits of Bitcoin cloud mining. As a leading global provider, Hashing24 cooperates with a lot of Bitcoin companies all around the globe choosing the most trustable and reputable cloud mining providers with newest rigs and the best mining-related software. 


  • Easy access to the world’s best industrial data
  • centers.
  • Cloud mining starts within five minutes after purchasing at any
  • time.
  • Estimated income calculator.
  • Pretty short payback time.
  • Really small hash prices.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Credit cards are accepted. 

The other special offer by Hashing24 is premium custom contracts for users who are interested in renting industrial hardware for mining for more than 1 PH/s. Currently, the prices start at $107.80 per 1 TH/s (with an estimated profit of 124%). Users can pay for the contracts by different payment methods, including Bitcoin, altcoins, stablecoins, and Visa/MasterCard.


IQMining is a trusted cloud mining site professionally known for five years. Offering high-quality and low-priced cloud mining services under the SHA-256 algorithm, the company provides one-year, two-years, five-years, as well as lifetime contract options. Data centers are located in several countries on different continents, such as Iceland, Canada, China, Russia, Algeria, and Georgia. The platform was created by a crew of IT and crypto experts who are definitely in their element. Besides cryptocurrency cloud mining under several plans, IQMining has some extra special services (including Forex and online cryptocurrency trading tools). Current prices for cloud mining contracts on IQMining start at $0.939 per 10 GH/s.


  • Cloud mining income calculator.
  • Frequent payouts in BTC and Ethereum.
  • Auto reinvestment tool for higher profit.
  • ‘Pro’ types of contracts with an extra 20% profit per year.
  • 24h support with response time under two minutes.
  • Giveaways and regular promotions as come-ons for the customers.
  • VIP club with extra benefits and exclusive conditions.

Any authorized user has an opportunity to join an affiliate program on IQMining to get an extra 10% income by involving new crypto investors. 

Bitcoin contracts with pricing

  • SHA-256 – $461 per 5000 GH/s. The average price per 10 GH/s is $0.923.
  • SHA-256 PRO – $526 per 5000 GH/s. The average price per 10 GH/s is $1.051.

Mind all Bitcoin plans include a regular maintenance fee ($0.001 per 10 GH/s). The cloud mining process starts right after signing up and purchasing a hashrate contract. Chosen miners’ performance is derived from contract efficiency and costs of a physical cryptocurrencies mining process.

Genesis Mining

Hong Kong-based operator Genesis Mining defines itself as the world’s leading hash power provider. Over the past few years, the company drew in the Bitcoin cloud mining business over 2 000 000 users from 100+ countries. Currently, the platform offers to lease capacities for BTC and 10+ altcoins cloud mining under multi-algorithm technology. The first company’s data center launched in Iceland, and today Genesis Mining provides over 80% of energy by renewable resources, including geothermal energy. The software interface Genesis Hive (which is the in-house solution) enables the efficient setup, configuration, and management of all the current mining facilities.


  • A variety of cloud mining plans.
  • All contracts are one-time payments with upfront fees.
  • No extra fees for the entire contract duration period.
  • Cloud mining is not based on a monthly subscription model.
  • Credit card payments are allowed.
  • Bitcoin cloud mining starts immediately after purchasing a contract.
  • Daily reward payouts.

The only issue here is the fact Bitcoin cloud mining contracts sell all the way out very quickly. Unfortunately, they’re often out of stock.


Sitting on our seventh place on ranking, HashShiny is a well-known trusted cloud mining site created in 2017 by a team of crypto experts from Hong Kong. Currently, the company offers 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoin Hash Rate. 


  • 5 TH/s SHA-256 for free for every new customer.
  • Low maintenance fees.
  • Pool allocation – users choose pools to mine by themselves.
  • Cloud mining calculator and hash rate converter.
  • 24h daily payouts in cryptocurrencies.
  • The majority of mined coins are stored in offline cold wallets for extra security.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android.

With HashShiny, users get full control permissions by switching on and switching off the cloud mining process. To track the statistics, you can use hash rate graphs which update every single hour. You also can easily check the data within a couple of seconds. There is an affiliate program for customers on the HashShiny website.


What is Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin cloud mining is a breakthrough technology that allows mining cryptocurrency on the cloud using the provider’s equipment installed in the remote data centers. Specific gear, software, or technical knowledge isn’t required. You can join the cloud mining process from any place with your usual devices.

How does cloud mining work?

In cloud mining technology, customers rent hash mining capacities shared with them by big blockchain companies. Since we talk about a specific kind of IT service, most Bitcoin cloud mining contracts include maintenance fees (and sometimes the extra fees and costs).

Which are the best cloud mining sites?

Despite tons of Bitcoin cloud mining platforms working today over the internet, not all of them are trusted and really profitable. Keep in mind the fact a good cloud mining provider has state-of-the-art equipment and runs its own data center parks with mining pools.

Is cloud mining safe?

Bitcoin cloud mining services are totally safe if you deal with trusted sites in good standing. To avoid all possible risks, be aware of numerous scammers who try their hands at money-grabbing as fake cloud mining ‘platforms’. The only way to earn cryptocurrency with zero risks of running into scammers is by choosing legit cloud mining sites. 

How much can I earn from cloud mining?

Your profit from cryptocurrency cloud mining strongly depends on multiple factors. Some of them are chosen provider and contract option, leased hash power rate, contract duration, etc. Also, the Bitcoin price and current situation in the world financial markets matter.

How to choose the right cloud mining platform?

To find a trusted reputable cloud mining platform, make some time to learn about available options on the relevant resources. You can always confide in the expert reviews placed on our website.

How to convert Bitcoin to cash?

You can use a third-party exchange service to convert your mined cryptocurrency to USD, EUR, or any fiat currency. The other easy way is to withdraw funds from cloud mining straight to your credit card or bank account.