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Coinbase: cryptocurrencies as Christmas gifts

Crypto exchange Coinbase is offering an original way to give Christmas gifts this year. The exchange has activated a service that allows you to send cryptocurrencies as gifts to friends and family, along with a personalized digital card.

Cryptocurrencies as Christmas gifts

The service is available both via the web and the app, and requires the donor to simply enter the recipient’s email address after purchasing cryptocurrencies.

To gift cryptocurrencies with this system, simply select “Send a gift” on the site’s gifting page, and you can give more than 100 cryptocurrencies to those who already have a Coinbase account, or 5 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, to those who don’t.

cryptocurrencies Christmas gifts
How Coinbase Christmas gift look like.

The recipient will need to have or create an account on the exchange to redeem the gift.

This service has no additional fees to pay, and allows the gift to be accompanied by a customizable card represented by unique artwork from emerging artists.

The fact is that a cryptocurrency gift theoretically has the potential to increase in value over time if the recipient doesn’t sell it right away, although of course in reality it could also decrease in value.

According to the exchange, this type of gift could also serve an educational purpose, i.e. persuading friends and family to learn more about cryptocurrencies, given that with the tokens received as gifts they can, for example, start trading, spend the cryptocurrencies received, or hold them.

cryptocurrencies Christmas gifts
Digital card by Coinbase

The Coinbase digital card

All gifts made in this way are delivered together with a digital card representing a unique work of art by four emerging artists.

The first work is “Andrius” by Magdiel Lopez, a Cuban artist who spent his childhood inspired by colourful culture.

The second is “Robot Invasion” by David Krovblit, a Canadian visual artist living in California, who produces images he considers lost in time, overlapping them to form whimsical collages rooted in pop culture.

The third is Bored Ape Yacht Club #1644, a work from the iconic Bored Ape NFT collection of unique works programmatically generated from over 170 traits, including expression, fashion accessories, clothing and more.

The fourth is “Snow Days” by Rob Flowers, a British artist who puts humour at the heart of his work.


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