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Arbismart’s RBIS is having an even better run than Bitcoin and Dogecoin


While Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Soldana and Cardano have been having their time in the spotlight, rising by hundreds if not thousands of percent in a matter of months to lead the crypto pack, one coin is beginning to outperform them all. RBIS, the token powering the ArbiSmart project is already up over 840% and by 2023, it is projected to rise to 40 times its present value. 

Zero effort with Arbismart and RBIS

One reason the ArbiSmart project has been consistently gaining ground is that it makes crypto investing exceptionally easy. The platform performs automated crypto arbitrage, meaning that it generates a profit from brief windows in which a digital asset is available across multiple exchanges at different prices simultaneously. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart generates profits from price inefficiencies

Integrated with 35 separate exchanges, which it scans around the clock, ArbiSmart’s algorithm monitors hundreds of assets at once, looking for temporary price disparities to exploit. It instantly buys the asset on whichever exchange offers the lowest price and then automatically sells it on the exchange where it is offered at the highest available price for the best possible yield.

As a platform user you simply register, deposit funds in either fiat or crypto and then get on with the rest of your day. The platform takes it from there, converting your funds into RBIS and using them to trade crypto arbitrage on your behalf. 

Predictable outcomes

There can be all kinds of reasons for price disparities, for example, a difference in liquidity or trading volume between two exchanges of different sizes. ArbiSmart profits are so reliable, in part because these price disparities occur with the same degree of regularity in a bull or bear trend. This means that even if the market collapses, your crypto capital won’t fall in value and the flow of profits will continue steadily.

This level of predictability allows you to know in advance exactly how much you will make over any given period for any investment amount, using the project yield calculator.

Impressive earnings 

Passive profits from crypto arbitrage begin at 0.9% and reach up to 3.75% a month (10.8% to 45% a year), depending on the size of your investment. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart profit can reach 45% a year

In addition, if you place your crypto arbitrage earnings in a locked savings account for a contracted period, you can make up to 1% extra a day for storing your funds with ArbiSmart.

Then, there are capital gains on the consistent upward trajectory of the RBIS token, which has already gone up in value by more than 840% and is projected to soar to new heights by the end of the year. 

Rising demand

Token demand will be pushed higher in the near future, by the launch of a number of additional RBIS utilities. Between December 2021 to the end of Q1 2022, ArbiSmart will be introducing a crypto credit card, an interest-bearing wallet, and a new yield farming program, and to use any of these services, you will need to purchase RBIS tokens.

Arbismart RBIS
New utilities are coming for RBIS

Demand will also be driven by the RBIS listing at the end of the year, since as soon as the token becomes available on global exchanges it will become accessible to a much broader audience. 

One major reason for the optimistic analyst projections that forecast a 4,000% climb in the RBIS price by 2023 is that as demand for the token soars, supply will remain static, forever limited to 450M RBIS. As soon as demand outpaces supply the price is likely to shoot up higher than ever.

It seems as though the RBIS token is headed for the moon. If you want to purchase the token before the price soars into the stratosphere, buy RBIS today

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