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MEXC Pioneer Launches to Support Projects Powering the Decentralized Future


The explosion in digital assets, blockchain and cryptocurrency in the past three years has led to a thriving industry full of innovative, entrepreneurial projects and ideas. MEXC Global has led this growth, especially in terms of supporting new and visionary projects to make their first steps forward.

MEXC Pioneer to support decentralized projects

Since launch, MEXC Global has been contributing and supporting decentralized projects and ecosystems by providing financial and technical support, with the aim of reaching the shared goal of giving people the power to help determine and take control of their own financial futures.

Now, with the launch of MEXC Pioneer, we have set up a dedicated platform to not only finance and support decentralized projects, but also to identify, invest, market, and build the communities of the decentralized world’s most talented developers and teams.

MEXC Pioneer isn’t just looking to build strong relationships between decentralized projects and ecosystems, but to enhance the stability and trust between projects, users and investors, while helping our users and partners to grow and flourish.

Empowering the future.

So far, the MEXC Global team has launched a huge array of projects and strategic partners to our seven million users (and growing) worldwide. We have partnered and invested — at an early stage — in more than 100 fascinating projects that are now taking the wider crypto and fintech world by storm.

MEXC Global projects

Including, supporting the growth of the Solana ecosystem by developing an eco-fund, the Polygon ecosystem and hackathon, and eco-funding dApps and ecosystems of other up and coming projects Avalanche and Algorand.

There are so many more exciting projects and people we are working with on this path, and MEXC Pioneer will help take our offering to an even higher level.

The Mexc team

All the efforts and contributions we have thrown ourselves into during the previous three years have been to benefit our global communities. MEXC Pioneer will carry on the mission by joining forces with even more talented leaders and teams, and digging into the early-stage projects that are set to take the world by storm.

MEXC Pioneer will spare no effort jumping into new ideas and empowering the future.