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Daniel Larimer presents a roadmap for EOS upgrade

Daniel Larimer, former CTO of Block.one, announced the new roadmap that will be used to update the EOS blockchain.

Mandel, the EOS upgrade

The new upgrade is named Mandel (Mandelbrot) and is nothing more than the temporary code name for EOS 3.0. 

This will be the biggest upgrade to the EOS blockchain in several years since the last version of EOSIO. 

EOS and the most important updates

 In the press release, we can read several updates that will be integrated in the coming months. 

The configuration of WASM limits

One of the interesting news is the unlocking of the size of smart contracts that previously had a maximum limit of actions that could be managed, forcing developers to create more smart contracts, while with this update, this limit is removed and is configurable by the developers themselves.

Payment Contracts

These contracts are enhanced versions of the current contracts and allow you to manage resources autonomously, without someone active to provide the transaction signature. In fact, with this system, you will also be able to provide power and resources to others without the interacting party having the resources to process the transactions. Furthermore, the same system lends itself to being used as a means of payment as no account will be needed to send tokens since the same contract will sign the transaction. In addition, this will allow making transactions, also integrating privacy tokens, paving the way for ZEOS, the token with ZK-SNARK technology (coming in just under a week).

Improvements to configurable blockchain parameters

With the development of the new EOS roadmap, the addition, removal, and configuration of various parameters are made easier and simpler.

Mandel will become Mandel will be operational in May 2022

The roadmap for the EOS upgrade

Regarding the timeline, Daniel Larimer’s post explains that the code will be released at the end of January 2022, and then testing will proceed in February, with the new update expected to go live on EOS on May 19, 2022.

Once the relevant update happens, this will mark a major milestone as it will be the first one not to be released by an organization behind it like Block.one, making the blockchain completely autonomous and community-driven.

EOS as Bitcoin and Ethereum

Speaking of Bitcoin, Larimer reminds us that with this update, we can emulate both Bitcoin and Ethereum’s RPC APIs. This means that we can have all the standard functions of the relevant protocols; we’re not just talking about transferring Bitcoin but even mining them directly on the EOS blockchain.

Finally, the release reminds us that there will be other updates and improvements, such as a reduction in finality, which will go from 5 to 3 seconds.

The plan is also to accelerate support for EVMs and support for applications dedicated to privacy: in fact, as we mentioned, with ZEOS, a whole world of private applications opens up, from swaps to Anonymous Decentralized Finance (DeFiAn).

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