Successful airdrop for OpenSea users
Successful airdrop for OpenSea users

Successful airdrop for OpenSea users

By Marco Cavicchioli - 27 Dec 2021

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On December 24, OpenSea launched a very successful airdrop

The airdrop of SOS tokens on OpenSea

In fact, anyone who had previously made purchases on the platform was entitled to request for free a few new SOS tokens in proportion to how much money they had spent on purchasing NFT on OpenSea

There were more than 240,000 users who applied for the token. 

SOS is the native token of the so-called OpenDAO, and it was launched on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Its price skyrocketed from 0.49 thousandths of a dollar at its launch on December 24 and a high of 11.54 thousandths the next day, with an incredible increase in value of more than 2,200% in 24 hours

Then the price dropped to the current 5.85 thousandths of a dollar, still amounting to a gain of over 1,000% in just three days. 

These tokens are not owned by the OpenSea platform but created by the independent DAO OpenDAO, which is committed to using these tokens to compensate OpenSea users who are victims of scams and support the NFT industry.

OpenDao airdrop
The OpenDao airdrop was a success

The OpenDao Community

The fact is that the OpenDAO community is already quite large, despite the very recent launch, with about 50,000 members on Discord and 100,000 followers on Twitter. 

SOS tokens can still be claimed from the OpenDAO website by linking to your wallet with which you paid for purchases on OpenSea, and clicking on “initiate claim.” The site will detect how many DAIs, ETHs, or USDCs have been spent from that wallet on OpenSea before December 23, how many purchases have been made on the platform, and calculate the number of SOS tokens to give away. 

The tokens will then be sent to the wallet. 

OpenDAO’s website reveals that there will be 100 trillion SOS tokens, half of which will be earmarked for this airdrop. Twenty percent will be allocated to incentivize staking, and another 10 percent will incentivize liquidity providers.

OpenDao and OpenSea

The new DAO does not have a roadmap yet, because decisions will be made by all token holders. For now, there are only two votes within OpenDAO, so it is impossible to imagine how the project will evolve realistically. 

It should be noted that OpenSea is a company and not a decentralized protocol, so in reality, the DAO has no power over the platform

OpenDAO is independent of OpenSea, even if it aims to gather the community of users of the famous NFT platform. 

Marco Cavicchioli

Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".

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