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Bitcoin Suisse: Niklas Nikolajsen among the 300 richest in Switzerland

Niklas Nikolajsen, Danish entrepreneur and founder of Bitcoin Suisse, is among the 300 richest Swiss thanks to Bitcoin, with an estimated wealth of 325 million francs. 

Honorary president of Bitcoin Suisse, Niklas Nikolajsen, among the 300 richest in Switzerland

Every year, Bilanz compiles a ranking of the 300 richest Swiss. Among other names, cryptocurrency pioneer entrepreneur Niklas Nikolajsen seems to be part of it with an estimated wealth of 325 million francs. 

Niklas Nikolajsen is well known in the Swiss financial scene, mainly due to his fortune after he purchased Bitcoin in its early days when it was worth a few cents of dollars. 

According to reports, it seems that the company he founded in Zug in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse, will see him step down from the board of directors to remain the honorary chairman and a major investor. The new leader will be Luzius Meisser, who has already sat on the supervisory board for four years.

Bitcoin Suisse has more than 300 employees that offer financial services related to cryptocurrencies. Niklas Nikolajsen has been in the news for some original purchases he has made thanks to the rise in BTC price.  

Among many, the purchase of the St. Karlshof castle on the shores of Lake Zug, the Danish ice hockey club Rungsted, and two luxurious Bentleys, although he does not have a driver’s license. 

Niklas Nikolajsen

Switzerland: the super-rich tend to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrency

According to a survey by Campden Wealth that polled 385 family offices internationally (i.e., companies that manage one or more family assets), there appears to be a strong trend for the “super-rich” to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies. 


The survey reports that:

  •  28% of ultra-wealthy households globally have already invested in cryptocurrencies. 
  • 28% instead plan to increase their holdings in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies over the next year. 
  • 42% agree instead that they are a promising and worthwhile investment.

An interesting fact is that Switzerland ranks as one of the main centers of this activity in Europe after the UK. 

Not coincidentally, Switzerland is also called the Crypto Valley par excellence. Last year, in the report of the 50 top blockchain companies, it was estimated to have a total value of 25.3 million dollars, with 4 billion dollars in funding raised and 733 employees. 

Lugano and the opening to NFTs 

In addition to the financial aspect of cryptocurrency, Switzerland also seems to be open to the more “collectible on blockchain” aspect identified with Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Last month, the Swiss-based national trading platform for traditional finance and cryptocurrency assets, the SIX Digital Exchange or SDX, said it was opening its doors to NFTs, even becoming an infrastructure. 

Not only that, at the same time, the city of Lugano had celebrated Lugano NFT Week, a week of exhibitions, events, and workshops on the world of Crypto Art and Non-Fungible Tokens. 

The Lugano NFT exhibition was the first-ever organized in Europe, with organizers such as the Poseidon NFT Fund presenting their collection, one of the largest and most conspicuous in Europe. 

Lugano-based The Cryptonomist also participated in the event and the NFT Talk Shows, promoting the new NFT Magazine and later announcing the NFT of Cryppo, the magazine’s mascot with its metaverse. 


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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