“The Great Gas War” of Age of Sam
“The Great Gas War” of Age of Sam

“The Great Gas War” of Age of Sam

By Guest post - 15 Jan 2022

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The basics of AGE of SAM:

  • Rocket boost your existing NFTs
  • Hold
  • Passive Income
  • Have fun
  • Solana

We’re going to go into a little more depth here.

What is AGE of SAM

Ethereum is still a favorite choice for some NFT investors, but all who have ventured into that space have come across the extremely high gas fees and slow, often failed transactions associated with the network. As a result, NFT and DeFi projects have been migrating to newer blockchains like Solana with almost zero gas fees attached to interacting with the platform in any capacity. 

AGE of SAM (AOS) captures this notion creatively in their lore – “The Great Gas War”. This is done with a clever science fiction story inspired loosely by the cult film ‘Moon’ that basically pits what Solana has to offer against ETH. 

By immediately capturing a sense of a Solana solidarity, AOS lays out a strong base for cross-project utility not seen anywhere else, because it immediately serves as a sort Solar System orbited by projects, with AOS right in the middle. 

12 Factions, which are represented by top already-existing Solana-based projects, including SolPunks, KAM1, Ernest in Disguise, Artpunks, and Pixel Invaderz, come together to establish House Sol. Solarium Autonomous Miners, or SAMs, are the project’s native non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are generated from the DNA of the 12 Factions, and which will be available for mint once AOS goes live.

age of sam

Every SAM is an astronaut with a face representing one of the 12 unique Solana projects. The Factions gain immediate value and exposure from cross-pollination and collaboration, and holders of their NFTs are encouraged to link them with SAM NFTs when mining $SOLARIUM, the AGE of SAM governance token. Why? Because a holder of both projects has a higher chance to earn more Solarium. This unique concept encourages serious buyers who see the long term value in joining the AOS family (or Samily as they like to call it).

Yes, $SOLARIUM will be traded on exchanges. Yes, it will provide passive income. 

More Factions are planned in the future – rumor has it that there are already secret Jupiter Factions. There’s also something called ‘The Darkness’, which remains a total mystery at this time – will it be another token? 

When someone holds any of the 12 Faction NFTs and an AGE of SAM NFT, they will earn up to 2X Solarium when staking their SAM – which is twice as much than if you were ONLY staking an AOS NFT. This is done on weekly ‘Moon Missions’. Factions which earn the most Solarium will win prizes on top of whatever amount of Solarium they mined – everyone wins, but the most inspired factions will win more than others. Very clever, almost like weekly fantasy sports, except in space and with NFTs, and without the learning curve.

age of sam

Their unique Hold-to Earn (H2E) staking concept is in reality a great take on gamification. The NFT landscape doesn’t always have to be boring or stressful. 

Factions = teams. Teams = competition. Competition = the basis of any game. And that’s just the H2E utility. A Play-to-Earn (P2E) game is already being developed with a successful video game studio that has nearly 15 years of experience in the gaming industry.

Entertainment-as-Utility is a huge part of what makes AGE of SAM so special. We’ve already mentioned H2E gamification and a P2E game, but they’re also giving away $50,000 in prizes before their mint. A lot more is planned to be funneled back into the community post mint.

Age of Sam community

Everyone is welcome to join the AOS Discord to participate in various games like Poker and Trivia, as well as competing for giveaways with their funniest memes and coolest fan art. Contrasting with other projects, there aren’t too many dull moments – there is actual entertainment here. SAM knows exactly what’s up.

age of sam

Their Socials are lively and growing. This is thanks to a large dedicated team of admins, mods, and social managers. The founders are in there all the time cracking jokes and answering all questions. SAM knows how to organically build trust. Their community is part of the team – community being the whole point of the project. Respect your communities, be like SAM.

AOS is constantly establishing partnerships and collabs with other top Solana projects to bring additional rewards to the hold-to-earn experience and raise awareness about Decentralized Finance, Tokenomics, Gaming, Music, and other top applications on the Solana blockchain. 

They’ve also partnered with Magic Eden (ME)  – by far the biggest Solana marketplace by volume traded. This means a safe and well executed launch.

One thing – SAM take it easy with the acronyms!

AGE of SAM is easily one of the most well planned projects we’ve ever seen, without exaggeration. 

And finally, yes, you’re still early. Have your Phantom wallets ready.

Minting scheduled for late January 2022.

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