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Robb Report and Forbes Italia covers become NFTs

BFC Media, the media and digital company leader in information on personal business and financial products, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and owner of magazines such as Forbes Italia and Robb Report Italia, announces the creation of BFC DigitalArt, the new division dedicated to digital art and NFTs

NFTs for sale on OpenSea

Robb Report Italy NFT
The cover of Robb Report Italia

The debut platform on which the NFTs will be published and sold will be OpenSea and the first work will be the cover number one of the magazine Robb Report Italia, designed by the artist Lorenzo Petrantoni, a world-renowned graphic designer who has won many awards including V&A Illustration Awards, London International Awards, New York Festival American Illustration, Cresta International Advertising Awards. 

The covers of Forbes Italia become NFTs

To follow are NFTs of past and future Forbes Italia covers, as well as original works that go well beyond just covers. Given the publisher’s collaborations and contacts with countless celebrities on the Italian social and cultural scene, the ambition is to publish NFTs of various kinds, certainly artistic, but not only. 

They could be backstage photos, unpublished interviews, collections of old issues of the various magazines of the Group and much more. The whole project will revolve around the website BFCDigitalArt.com, which will act as the main gallery, which in turn will exploit platforms such as OpenSea.io and SuperRare.com for auctions and real sales of NFTs with corresponding writing in Blockchain. 

What are non-fungible tokens

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a “digital asset” stored on a blockchain that unequivocally proves ownership of the digital work linked to it, an image, audio, video, architectural design, and any other creative product. Stored in digital wallets, Wallets, are created in a single piece or in a limited and numbered edition, thus acquiring an exclusive and valuable status. 

Denis Masetti, President of BFC Media, said:

 “We decided it was only right to share with the world our immense catalog, which in fact represents a true collection of works of art. Digital art represents an opportunity for all those artists who, thanks to NFTs, will finally be able to see their talent recognized; in fact, digital art has always been undervalued because it is freely available, but the advent of NFTs is changing all that”. 

Federico Morgantini, head of the BFC DigitalArt division, explained:

“The goal is to create a limited and exclusive number of digital works each month. NFTs will not only incorporate the works but also other rights and opportunities to make the experience with our readers more comprehensive and media-rich”.


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