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Ubisoft: NFTs not understood by gamers

Nicolas Pouard, an executive at Ubisoft, one of the leading video game companies, recently spoke about the cold reactions that users had to the introduction of NFTs in the world of traditional gaming.

NFT in gaming, one step at a time

It would seem that loyal fans of the gaming world have turned their noses up at the idea that Non-Fungible Tokens may, in the very near future, play an increasingly important role within their beloved video games.

In an interview with Finder, however, Nicolas Pouard has been very optimistic about this. The executive argues that this small barrier created by users is, in his opinion, absolutely temporary. After all, thinking about it, changes always require a small moment of transition and readjustment.

Pouard is extremely convinced of his position, he says that the problem lies simply in the fact that players have not yet effectively grasped and internalized the infinite potential of NFTs.

According to Ubisoft, as soon as users understand that there is a chance to have full ownership over their game assets and potential gains from the secondary market, the current attitude of hostility will leave room only for enthusiasm and excitement

Ubisoft NFT
Ubisoft will continue to implement NFTs in gaming

Ubisoft optimistic

The statements made by Pouard reveal that despite the fact that the company is extremely aware of the opinion that currently has a part of the gamers community, the decision was to continue with their projects. Ubisoft is carrying out the development and the construction of gaming experiences that allow NFT to cover, within the game itself, important roles.

Moreover, Ubisoft was one of the first gaming companies to learn about and experiment with the functionality of blockchain and non-fungible tokens. But that’s not all, it was in fact also the first company, from the gaming world, to build its own marketplace – Quartz

However, the American corporation is not the only company in the industry that perseveres and strongly believes in these new tools.

Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, has in fact released several statements in which he underlined the importance of NFTs and play-to-earn economies for the new generation of games; thus indirectly revealing his willingness to invest capital and resources in projects that will embrace this new dimension.


Martina Canzani
Martina Canzani
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