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Snoop Dogg and The Sandbox are launching Doggies NFTs today

Today, 22/02/2022, on the famous palindrome date, the new Doggies NFTs designed by rapper Snoop Dogg together with The Sandbox went on sale. 

It’s a collection of 10,000 unique avatars that can be used in the blockchain-based metaverse. 

Snoop Dogg, The Sandbox and the Doggies NFT collection

The pre-announced 10,000 NFTs from the Doggies collection were released today.

They are unique avatars designed by rapper Snoop Dogg and ready for use on The Sandbox’s popular blockchain-based metaverse. 

Here’s a video of the American rapper on Twitter, on the official account of The Doggies, describing the precious avatars per game in the Non Fungible Token version:

“The Doggies – launching on 2/22/22! More than an #NFT collection.

  • 10K Snoop Dogg Metaverse Avatars
  • Created by @SnoopDogg & @TheSandboxGame 
  • Playable inside The Sandbox Alpha 2
  • Created with 150+ traits
  • Dope 1/1 avatars

Learn more: https://sandbox.game/en/snoopdogg/”.

The dedicated website specifies that each avatar is completely unique, hand-created from over 150 traits by The Sandbox’s skilled voxel artists. 

Snoop Dog NFTs

Snoop Dogg and The Sandbox and the 10,000 unique NFT Doggies

The new unique NFT Doggies are avatars with human or blue faces, or alien or zombie faces, or even dog or robot faces, and they can also be gold. 

The Sandbox describes one in particular on Twitter. 

It is Snoop Dogg’s Doggie NFT for Gucci, one of 10,000 handmade avatars, dressed in an outfit inspired by the new Love Parade campaign of the famous Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci

“Snoop Dogg x Gucci. Introducing the #GucciLoveParade Doggy. A testament to timeless style, just one hand-crafted Doggy will come decked out in a suit inspired directly from @gucci’s new Love Parade campaign featuring @SnoopDogg himself. A 1 in 10,000 chance to get it”.

With this campaign, the American rapper joins the list of brands that have collaborated with The Sandbox’s blockchain-based metaverse, such as The Walking Dead, Adidas, South China Morning Post and many others. 

Cozomo de’ Medici and the first NFT of Fidenza most expensive in history

It was October 2021, when Cozomo de’ Medici, billionaire NFT collector who turned out to be Snoop Dogg himself, announced that he had bought Fidenza’s work, the first-ever declared most expensive in the history of the industry.

Dogg reportedly bought a large portion of the work for 2500 ETH, the equivalent of 8.5 million dollars at the time

The month before, the rapper had also revealed that he was Cozomo de’ Medici and had opened an account on OpenSea to buy NFT for $17 million as well. 

At the time, Dogg had also already begun his collaboration with The Sandbox to recreate his home in the metaverse, a project for the 10,000 Doggies NFT collection.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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