NFT Bunny, the social wall is here
NFT Bunny, the social wall is here

NFT Bunny, the social wall is here

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NFT Bunny releases its first update and introduces social functions: today, Friday 4 March, many new features have been introduced, starting with the social wall. 

What’s new in the NFT Bunny update

Social features

The new NFT Bunny update introduces the social wall. With this new feature, users will see a timeline of content and new functions will soon be added, such as chat, interactions, comments and much more. 

At the moment, the social wall is only accessible to logged-in users. Those who do not have an account will continue to see the platform in its classic style. 

NFt Bunny social wall
The social wall

Another interesting new feature is the possibility of adding friends and followers. It is now possible to follow users and see their updates by adding them as followers. As with Twitter, the possibility of becoming a follower is automatic, and followers are not notified of their acceptance. Conversely, the request to become a friend requires the other user to accept. 

When the chat function is introduced, it will be possible to talk to friends, but not to followers, who will only see the published content. 

Mining NFTs becomes easier

Email notifications

The update will also lead to an easier creation process for NFTs. Email notifications are introduced, giving the user the possibility to be kept up to date with their content. From now on the NFT minting process will be notified by email: it will be a confirmation that the creation process was successful. But email notifications include much more:

  • minting completed;
  • offer received;
  • sale made;
  • purchase made;
  • listing made. 

Notifications are currently automatic and do not need to be activated. 

The minting wizard

To make minting easier, NFT Bunny will introduce a wizard that will allow the user to follow the minting process more easily. It is divided into three stages:

  • create item, 
  • mint, 
  • list it.

In addition, the detail page of each NFT will now display a transaction history, so you can see when it was bought, how much it was sold for and how many times each NFT changed hands. 

NFt Bunny social wall
Above, the wizard

Privacy and security

The new update also improves user security with the introduction of automatic logout after two hours of activity, 

The terms of service will also be updated to ask users to opt-in to advertising and marketing campaigns. This will be done by ticking a special box, and therefore with the explicit consent of the user. Privacy policies have also been improved.

The privacy policy and terms of service are available in PDF format. 

Work in progress

Many other new features will be added shortly. Paolo Pacitto, co-founder of NFT Bunny, explains:

“With this first update we are starting the evolution of NFT Bunny from a simple marketplace to an NFT social marketplace. With the next features we are going to integrate, we are going to improve the user experience even more, giving artists, creators, fans and communities more possibilities to interact and live immersive experiences, not only limited to buying and selling NFT”. 

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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