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Find out how the best people invest! The free Invest Cuffs 2022 conference is just a week away

On March 25-26, 2022, the ICE Krakow Congress Centre will host the most important event for investment markets not only in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe. The 8th edition of the Invest Cuffs Conference, Exhibition and Gala will attract 5,000 participants to the city of the polish kings, which will have the opportunity to listen to 50 hours of lectures delivered by over 100 speakers in five lecture halls. We invite all interested parties to participate in the event and jointly create the history of the investment market. Participation is completely free of charge!

Kraków a city of investors

Krakow is one of the most known Polish cities – it is here that over a thousand years of  history meets modernity. This is perfectly illustrated by the location on opposite banks of the Vistula River of one of the oldest seats of Polish Kings – the Wawel Castle – and the most modern congress and conference center – ICE Krakow. 

In its glassed-in spaces, on March 25-26, 2022, retail investors from all over Poland, representatives of brokers, investment companies and market experts from all over Europe will meet to participate in the Conference, Exhibition, Gala and the first business-to-business (B2B) Forex event in Poland. Krakow will become the biggest gathering of investors in this part of Europe.

Reserve your free seat or take advantage of premium ticket packages. 


Investment market fair at the Invest Cuffs 2022 conference 

The Invest Cuffs 2022 Congress is a unique opportunity to learn about new products offered by brokers and companies closely related to the investment market. On the three floors of the Krakow Congress Centre, over 5 thousand participants will find exhibition stands of brokerage houses, banks, stock exchange companies, market experts and manufacturers of exclusive products which ideally complement the profile of a successful and profitable trader or investor. During the 8th edition, participants will be able to get acquainted with the offer of dozens of exhibitors – a series of gifts and surprises awaits everyone during the Fair.

Invest Cuffs competition 

Invest Cuffs 2022 is not only a trade fair and conference, however. As every year, the event will also include a Gala, during which people and entities who have contributed most to the development of investor awareness and building products and services of the highest quality will be honored.

“It is already the eighth year in a row that we have organized a competition whose aim is to select entities and people representing Polish and foreign investment industry who contribute most to its continuous development. Until now, each edition of the Invest Cuffs plebiscite and conference has set new records in terms of attendance. This year won’t be different. As many as 121,498 votes were cast in the competition. That makes us even more looking forward to the award gala, when we will get to know the winners of this year’s plebiscite”, 

comments Marcin Wenus, president of the Invest Cuffs Foundation – Education and Development of Financial Markets.

The results of the competition will be announced during the Invest Cuffs 2022 Gala, during which the award ceremony for 2021 will be held.We have nothing else to do but to invite you once again to participate in this special event – let’s meet in Krakow! More information about the conference on the official website.