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Interview with Dondé: with NFTs, art is accessible to anyone

The NFT Bunny team met Boris Dondè, manager of the Dondè Art Gallery brand. 

Dondé was one of the first artists to try out NFT Bunny and chose the platform for his non-fungible token debut.

Last Supper was among the first works sold on NFT Bunny on its launch day, 2 March. 

We spoke to Dondé to find out more about his experience with NFTs and NFT Bunny.

Interview with Dondè

Dondè Art Gallery is all about innovation in art. In this sense, was the leap towards NFTs an obligatory step?

The dive was not a compulsory step, but a spontaneous one, encouraged by the circumstances. The very fact that it was not perceived as an obligation makes this new chapter of Dondé Art Gallery so exciting. Of course, the art of Dondé could have remained tied to the traditionality of “material” art, but it is precisely because of its continuous innovation over the years that the brand is what it is today. The key to success lies in stepping out of one’s comfort zone and experimenting, especially in a world as special as the world of art.

What opportunities do you see for art linked to NFTs? Do you think they can make it more “democratic”?

Absolutely! With NFT art, I see the potential of a market that is no longer determined by a few big players or major art galleries, but one that is accessible to everyone. That is the beauty of it: whether you are somebody or nobody, you can have access to this marketplace and the various platforms. Minor artists who would have been ignored by the big art galleries can now take their revenge and show their talent. Similarly, a major artist may not succeed in the NFT world. In other words, the initial balances have been destabilized with the growth of this market, and those who were initially considered gatekeepers are no longer effective.

What plans does Dondé have in the NFT sector?

First of all, to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the sector through research, masterclasses, analysis and the help of experts. After that, the aim is to make ourselves known, create our network, expand it and get to know our potential collectors. The plan is to create collections that best represent Dondé’s style, so that it doesn’t lose any of its characteristic flamboyance. I am already working on the creation of extraordinary works that I can’t wait to publish and I am happy to be able to dedicate myself more and more to this unique art market.  

How was your experience with NFT Bunny?

Fantastic! I can only be grateful to NFT Bunny for introducing me to the world of NFTs. Without their competent team I would not be where I am now and thanks to their industry specialists I was able to learn more. I have been positively impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and determination.