NFT Bunny Roadmap: what has been done, what’s next
NFT Bunny Roadmap: what has been done, what’s next

NFT Bunny Roadmap: what has been done, what’s next

By Cryptonomist Editorial Staff - 31 Mar 2022

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The NFT Bunny roadmap is constantly being updated, with many things done and many more to do to improve the first NFT Social marketplace.

NFT Bunny Roadmap: what has been done

When it was launched in closed beta in November 2021, the following features were added to NFT Bunny

  • registration
  • NFT creation on the Ethereum network
  • bid and offer
  • explore content
  • personal section

In December 2021, support for the Polygon network was added. 

Further enhancements came in January 2022 ahead of the official launch which took place on 31 January. These implementations:  

  • Added transaction, block and blockchain-specific information references in token detail pages
  • Added an image editor to manage user profile and cover images
  • Added the possibility to mint for free ERC721 NFTs on Polygon
  • The Polygon Bridge for BUN tokens added
  • Platform release on BSC
  • Added the possibility to delete a user
  • Changed the layout of NFT cards

After the launch, the development team continued to work on improving the platform, while receiving suggestions from users. Between February and March 2022, the following activities were carried out: 

  • Added Terms Of Service (ToS) when registering a user
  • Active user support (chatbot and faq)
  • Added the ability to display crypto values of NFTs in $.
  • Added filters for the blockchain network (chain) inside the portal
  • Improved the wallet management inside the portal
  • Updated the ToS form to request confirmation of advertising and marketing support
  • Updated privacy policy (PP) with the possibility to download the PDF of both ToS and PP
  • Added a management of the session expiration with automatic logout in order to guarantee more security in the use of the platform
  • Added email notifications when interacting with contents (when a BID is created, when a content is sold, when a content is created, when a content is put on sale)
  • Added a section, in the NFT details, to display the history of previous sales
  • Added the Wizard to better manage the content creation flow, now the user will be guided through all the steps needed to create an NFT (creation, mint and sale)
  • Added the management of Friends & Followers
  • First release of the new way to browse NFTs like a social wall 

Speaking of social wall, this version is only a preview: new updates will follow soon.

What’s planned now

In April there will be many new features that will change the way artists and fans use NFT Bunny. 

Coming soon are: 

  • the ability to comment on NFTs
  • The possibility to view a summary of all bids made by a user.
  • the possibility to register to the platform via wallet providers (Metamask, Walletconnect, Walletlink), this registration mode will not require the use of email and password
  • support for the creation and sale of tokens 1155
  • improved management of the password change process
  • the possibility to register to the platform via social providers (Facebook, Twitter)
  • social wall content and top suggested users will be retrieved dynamically with respect to user preferences (degree of interconnection – friends/followers – with other users)
  • Launch of chat, giving the possibility to communicate with content creators

April will therefore be full of changes, starting with support for tokens 1155. The registration method via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or via wallet providers, will also be appreciated by everyone: from those looking for easier access to those who want their privacy protected

The future

Moving beyond April, May and June will see further additions such as: 

  • KYC process and custodial wallet management;
  • free NFT claim (redemption) management offered by the platform by a unique code
  • the possibility to sell at a fixed price an NFT even after the first sale
  • information on the volume of NFTs exchanged in relation to individual collections
  • Development of the content lazy mint process
  • Possibility to opt-out of email communication.

All this will be complemented by the creation of virtual galleries

Paolo Pacitto, co-founder of NFT Bunny, explains: 

“The development team is working to improve NFT Bunny day by day. Some new features were already planned, others were requested directly from the community who gave us suggestions to give the platform a better UX. The release of the BUN token will also be included in this roadmap, we are waiting for the EthOS governance. We are confident that these new implementations will lead to the growth of NFT Bunny and make it easier to enter and experience the world of non-fungible tokens”.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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