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Ledger to partner with Bright Moments to support NFTs

Ledger, the cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider, has signed a partnership with Bright Moments, the DAO gallery NFT, in order to fuel the launch of new blockchain and crypto educational content for the masses. 

Ledger and education about blockchain and crypto from Bright Moments NFT

Ledger has signed a strategic partnership with Bright Moments, the DAO developed by CryptoCitizen NFT owners, to support the launch of original educational content with animated videos that will bring blockchain and crypto understanding to the masses

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New educational NFTs are coming to the Ripple blockchain

Bright Moments is launching in Venice, CA in 2021 and is a cross between a social club and an art gallery that hosts traveling NFTs around the world, including Venice, NYC and Berlin. 

The partnership with Ledger creates support for the art gallery to launch a series of original educational animated music video content, using their intellectual property. 

Not only that, Ledger will also be Bright Moments’ cold wallet storage provider at their next IRL gallery experience, NFT Art Berlin, which will take place April 6-23 in Berlin, DE.

“We are very excited to officially announce this incredible lineup of musicians for NFT Art Berlin. Only one week away….”.

Ledger Nano X branded Bright Moments 

Moreover, in honour of the event in Berlin, Ledger will be participating with its own booth where attendees will learn about secure storage in the world of Web3. Not only that, those who coin CryptoBerliner NFTs, will receive an exclusive Ledger Nano X hardware wallet branded Bright Moments.

Speaking about this, Ariel Wengroff, VP Communications at Ledger said:

“Education is the key to an inclusive Web3 future. When you walk into a Bright Moments world, you’re having fun and learning without even realizing it. They’re the best in the game. By going on this global education tour together, we are combining best-in-class content and security to educate the masses on crypto, Web3, and how not to get hacked. This is just the beginning”.

Bright Moments has also signed up with William Morris Endeavor (WME) to expand its crypto footprint into the broader entertainment ecosystem. 

The idea is that WME will help Bright Moments expand its leadership position in Web3 live events and experiences across WME’s unparalleled network of proprietary live representation and event companies and clients.

Increase recognition of DAOs

While Bright Moments and its partnerships expand in the marketplace, the DAO phenomenon continues to be increasingly considered in different sectors. 

Decentralised Autonomous Organizations, this month alone, have been set up for donations, as in the case of UkraineDAO which raised $7 million in ETH to support the warring country, but also in the commercial field. 

Like the case of FriesDAO which raised $5.4 million to create a decentralized fast-food empire by issuing its native FRIES token. 

Not only that, but US crypto-friendly entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Yang, who is active in politics, also recently spoke about his new political project, Lobby3 DAO, saying it will offer citizens new opportunities to influence the country’s political processes.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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