This Coin Is Set to Go Up 8,000% Climbing Faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity
This Coin Is Set to Go Up 8,000% Climbing Faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity

This Coin Is Set to Go Up 8,000% Climbing Faster than Bitcoin or Axie Infinity

By Crypto Advertising - 3 Apr 2022

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Not every new altcoin will explode and become an instant breakout success, quickly climbing to thousands of times its original value. However, those that do succeed have a few things in common. The most promising coins power projects that offer a  a variety of value-added services, and are constantly evolving to meet new crypto market needs and capabilities.

One altcoin that checks all these boxes is RBIS, the native token of the ArbiSmart project and analysts are already projecting a rise to 80 times the current value in 2022, for a number of compelling reasons:


  1. Warp-speed Development

The hugely optimistic projections for the rise in the RBIS price stem in part form the fact that the project has been developing new utilities at an incredible pace, many of which are scheduled for launch this quarter.


Currently, ArbiSmart provides crypto arbitrage, a form of low-risk automated investing that  generates passive profits of up to 45% a year.

However, the development team will really be kicking into high gear in the coming weeks. This April ArbiSmart is introducing an interest-generating wallet that will offer secure storage and passive revenues of up 147% a year on RBIS and 49% on other FIAT and cryptocurrencies. ArbiSmart will also be introducing a mobile version later this month. The app will enable users to keep their wallet in their pocket, storing, exchanging, and buying assets anywhere, anytime.

Later this quarter, in May, ArbiSmart will be launching another RBIS utility, a  decentralized yield farming service, where users will be able to stake funds in  ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS  liquidity pools and receive up to 190,000% APY as well as 0.3 % of the fees on each trade.

This quarter ArbiSmart will also introduce  an NFT marketplace, and a 10,000 piece digital collection of one-of-a-kind assets.


  1. An Eye for What Comes Next

The second half of the year is scheduled to be equally action-packed, as ArbiSmart aims to  expand its ecosystem even further.

However, it is not only the speed at which ArbiSmart is launching new products and services that sets it apart but also its laser focus on where the market is headed next.   Tuned into emerging crypto trends the project team is currently developing utilities that use the most popular, and innovative applications of blockchain technology.

For a start, in the second half of the year ArbiSmart will be ready to launch its own metaverse.  Using RBIS, members will  be able to  buy, build on and sell plots of land, in an immersive virtual environment, and purchase a wide variety of in-game items.


Another ArbiSmart offering that currently in development, scheduled for release later in 2022 is a suite of crypto banking services. The project’s EU licensing and authorizations have just been upgraded to allow the provision of banking services and a variety of financial products are in the works, including  crypto debit cards, payment service solutions and IBANs.

Users will be able to buy RBIS for use across the expanding ArbiSmart ecosystem via the project’s own cryptocurrency exchange that is also set for launch in H2.


  1. Increasing Access and Awareness

One of the main reasons that ArbiSmart is gaining so much traction right now is the fact that it is increasing its visibility.

In January, the listing process began and RBIS was added to a series of tier-one exchanges like Uniswap, and SushiSwap among others. With each additional listing, new communities are gaining exposure to the token. RBIS is increasing its trading volume and liquidity, while boosting name recognition. In turn, this encourages even more leading exchanges to add the token, as it gains popularity and legitimacy.

Awareness of the token will be increased further, through the launch of the many new products and services in multiple areas, from gaming to digital art and investing.

As new utilities are introduced, demand for RBIS will increase, since use of the token is required to take advantage of each of the services in the ArbiSmart financial hub. In fact, the entire ecosystem is interconnected and use of one RBIS utility will be rewarded with beneficial terms when using another. For example, holding an NFT will mean receipt of a higher APY in the decentralized yield farming program and that NFT could also be an in-game item in ArbiSmart’s metaverse, boosting liquidity across the entire ecosystem .

As RBIS demand grows, the supply, which is forever capped at 450M, will drop. So, as demand outpaces supply the RBIS price, which is currently under $1 USD, is likely to soar.

Now is the time to purchase RBIS before the potential of this massively undervalued token is realized. Buy RBIS today!

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