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Switzerland tops the list of most profitable Bitcoin traders

A study by Invezz has revealed that Switzerland tops the list for having the most profitable Bitcoin traders, with $1268 per investor. 

Switzerland is home to the most profitable Bitcoin traders 


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Switzerland ranks first for the most profitable Bitcoin traders

According to a study by Invezz, it appears that the most profitable Bitcoin traders are located in Switzerland, with France taking the top spot when weighting investors and realized gains. 

The data was collected by Chainalysis who analyzed the top 25 countries for realized Bitcoin gains worldwide in 2020, with Europe definitely coming out on top

In practice, Invezz’s ranking uses multiple parameters such as:

  • the amount of Bitcoin gains made in that country per capita;
  • the percentage of citizens in each country investing in cryptocurrencies;
  • the earnings in Bitcoin for each investor;

In the case of Switzerland, its record only emerges when combining BTC gains per investor, rather than per citizen, surpassing the Czech Republic by a small margin. Both countries have experienced traders and generate $1,268 and $1,259 each respectively

In this respect, France comes in eighth place, with $275 per investor, despite being the overall front-runner as the only country to be above average in all three metrics

Switzerland vs France, a clash of traders

Specifically, France tops the list as the best country for Bitcoin traders, with the following results: 12th place in the percentage of the country investing in crypto (3.3%), and an impressive third and eighth place in Bitcoin earnings per capita and Bitcoin earnings per investor respectively, at $275 and $13.

On a more macro level, Europe dominates the BTC trader scene. When looking at individual countries, the top 6 are European, with Canada in fourth place.

European traders earn an average of $453 per trader, while North Americans capture only $240 per trader. This means that Europeans earn 89% more than their counterparts in the US and Canada.

Looking at the chart for each country that invests in crypto, as well as the profit for each of those cypto-traders, there is Ukraine that records the highest percentage of crypto investors at 12.7%, but a low profit of $72 per investor ruins their chances.

14 unicorn companies in Crypto Valley

Staying in Switzerland, it seems that in 2021 the country’s Crypto Valley will establish itself as a true global hub for the crypto and blockchain industry, with as many as 14 companies dubbed “unicorns”. 

This is revealed by the VC Top 50 Report 2021, which brings the 14 Swiss crypto companies into its ranking, as each one exceeds $1 billion in valuation (that’s why they are “unicorns”). 

Not only that, among the 14 companies, one in particular is referred to as a “hectocorn”, as it has been valued at over $100 billion, while three are “decacorns”, with valuations of over ten billion. 

Zug remains the epicentre of Crypto Valley, with 528 crypto and blockchain companies, out of the total 1128 in the territory, employing more than 6000 people, in addition to the thousands working remotely from all over the world. 


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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