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Netflix shares plummet

Google reveals how after a 35% loss in the stock market, searches for “buy Netflix shares” increased by 931%. 

Netflix shares plummet following poor Q1 results 

Netflix negative quarter
After the negative performances recorded during Q1 2022, the Netflix stock collapses on the stock market

On Tuesday 19 April, the online streaming platform Netflix reported its first quarterly report of the year, showing a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter, the first decline in subscribers in a decade.

The news immediately went around the world, especially among investors and financial operators, and the consequences were not long in coming. 

On Wednesday, 20 April, the stock on the New York Stock Exchange had already lost 38%, only to close with a slightly better -35% loss in a single day

Income-Tax.co.uk and Google reveal how online searches for “buy Netflix shares” have skyrocketed 931% to almost ten times the global average over the past week in light of the falling share price of the film and series streaming giant. 

The decline in shareholder confidence in the online platform following the loss of subscribers and the monstrous drop in share prices created the perfect storm by triggering the various downgrades. 

However, it seems that some investors, especially those who did not already own the stock, are looking to seize this opportunity and get their hands on Netflix’s shares. 

Commenting on the results, Income-Tax.co.uk said: 

“While shareholder confidence has dwindled for many in light of Netflix’s drop in subscribers, it appears there has also been a surge in the number of people looking to capitalise on this dip, while share prices are low. It seems that many investors have confidence in the streaming giant to further build upon the success that they have seen during the pandemic”.

Netflix’s countermoves

The Californian giant, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, seems to have anticipated this setback and an equally uninspiring next quarter. 

In fact, the streaming company’s technicians have considered this shock to be a sort of “end of pandemic” effect, as users are able to go out, or rather have more free time, and are devoting less time to films and series

In addition to this aspect, there are other elements such as the current system of use of the service. 

A Netflix user who takes out an annual or monthly subscription has the possibility of sharing his access with four other users, who are consequently paying less for the company. 

This seems to be coming to an end soon, according to rumours, so that at least some of the non-contributing users will be forced to take out a subscription.

Moreover, advertising will soon be introduced, which will serve to boost Netflix’s revenues and reduce the cost of subscriptions while maintaining the quality of the offer. 

The decisions that will be taken are aimed not only at retaining more and more subscribers, but also at improving the offer so that it can cope well with the various contenders (Amazon Prime, Now TV, Disney + etc). 

As we write, the stock is trading at $226.19 and is still expected to make a loss in the new session. 

For the platform, everything is normal. We’ll see some good things starting in the third quarter for which a nice rebound is expected, but it also depends on how many investors who entered at this time will proceed to take profits.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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