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ItaliaNFT at Giro d’Italia: the jerseys, the trophy and the symbols of the pink race become valuable digital assets


ItaliaNFT brings the Giro d’Italia into the new NFT world. The legendary pink jersey, the trophy, the logos and other symbols of the history and tradition of the cycling event will be available for the first time in the revolutionary format of digital collections certified by Blockchain within the large marketplace of Non-Fungible Tokens dedicated to Made In Italy.

ItaliaNFT and RCS Sport together to bring NFTs to the Giro d’Italia

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The ItaliaNFT logo, the marketplace of the most exclusive Made in Italy NFTs

The initiative, the result of an agreement between ItaliaNFT and RCS Sport, represents the first step of a series of joint activities to create new valuable initiatives – both physical and digital – related to the world of top sports competitions. The first Giro d’Italia NFTs will be available from 6 May, the date that marks the start of the cycling event, but the list of digital collectables will grow throughout the event. Among them, also the four Giro jerseys (pink, white, light blue and cyclamen), the logos, the special jerseys and the Trofeo Senza Fine, the latter available in an exclusive final auction.

The NFTs are not simply digital miniatures, but true unique and exclusive works, made authentic by their connection to the Blockchain. For the jerseys and other physical creations from the Giro d’Italia, ItaliaNFT’s Lab worked on every single item, using advanced scanning and computer graphic techniques to fully replicate the likeness of the originals while ensuring a visual experience augmented by digital animations. Even the textures of the jerseys were faithfully recreated, while for the Trofeo Senza Fine (Endless Trophy) a 3D virtualization was performed to enhance the exceptional design of the cup, a forged gold ribbon symbolizing the road traveled by the riders and engraved with the names of all the winners of the Pink Race since 1909.

The founders of ItaliaNFT, Achille Minerva and Marco Capria, explain that:

“The Giro d’Italia is not just one of the most important cycling races in the world but also an authentic Italian excellence in the world, a unique and unmissable event that has had the merit of unifying the country and weaving the territory with its highest values: passion, sacrifice, respect, history and tradition, modernity and innovation, fun and social responsibility. All values that reflect an important part of our mission”.

They go on to add that:

“The NFTs we have created in collaboration with the Giro d’Italia represent the best way to promote culture around the world of crypto-art and, more generally, on the union between the creations of Made In Italy and the new digital ecosystem based on the Blockchain. We will follow the race in all its stages, on the street as well as online, to tell fans what NFTs are, how they are made and what kind of opportunities they offer to those who buy them. We are just at the beginning of a real revolution that will have a profound impact not only on collectors but on all those who want to buy goods and services with a digital experience that is valuable but also reliable and secure”.

With the Giro d’Italia, ItaliaNFT continues on its path of penetration into the world of Italian excellence. The platform, launched at the end of 2021, has already hosted some big names on the artistic scene (among them Lodola, Vedovamazzei, MYFO) and will create in the coming months new NFT collections to enhance the masterpieces of culture, cinema, literature, music, sports and production on the Italian territory. With a look into a new dimension: the one that combines the originality of the works with digital innovation based on Blockchain. 

About ItaliaNFT

The ItaliaNFT portal

ItaliaNFT is the first marketplace for the purchase of valuable NFTs linked to Made in Italy. The masterpieces of art, cinema, literature, music, sport, production and the Italian territory enter the future through a technological platform that raises the value and the very concept of fruition. 

A renaissance no longer based on copyright but on the transparency and security of blockchain. Only the true Italian excellences become NFTs: the Lab of ItaliaNFT selects the creations of artists and great names of the Italian history, preserving their uniqueness and originality but increasing the opportunities of fruition, both in digital and physical environments. 

The reliability of transactions, the attention to the regulatory environment and the collaboration with high-level technological and commercial partners allow ItaliaNFT to offer an increasingly reliable and secure experience, both for users and creators.

Website: https://italianft.art – Giro d’Italia NFT page: https://italianft.art/giro 

About RCS Sport

RCS Sport is a Sports & Media Company, leader in the Italian market, with skills, professionalism and a wide range of services aimed at the creation and management of international sports events. The portfolio includes competitions for professional athletes (cycling, running, basketball) and mass participation sporting events aimed at all fans of running and cycling such as the Giro d’Italia and the Milano Marathon

Among the most interesting players in the sports scene today, RCS Sport is able to offer excellent opportunities for visibility, branding, commercial activities and direct marketing. The experience gained over the years and the ability to innovate in the production of events and media solutions ensure a wide and varied portfolio of sports rights as well as a complete and customizable range of services.