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RBIS, the most undervalued altcoin of 2022 is about to go up 8,000%!


RBIS, the token powering the ArbiSmart project, was first listed in January and since then it has been rapidly gaining ground. While right now the RBIS price hovers around $1, crypto analysts see massive potential, and are projecting an 8,000% rise in the coming months. 

Undergoing major Q2 expansion

The ArbiSmart platform currently offers crypto arbitrage, via an automated trading platform that generates passive yields ranging from 10.8% to 45% a year

Yet, in the next few weeks, the project will be expanding hugely, introducing a stream of  EU authorized products and services.

Major Q2 expansion

In May, ArbiSmart is launching an interest-generating wallet supporting a wide array of crypto and FIAT currencies. As well as secure storage for their capital, users will receive up to 147% a year on RBIS accounts and up to 49% a year on accounts in all other currencies.

A mobile application, also being released in May will allow the user to buy, exchange and store crypto, while also depositing and withdrawing their funds directly from their phones. 

In addition, a decentralized yield farming program will be introduced later this quarter that will be offered via Uniswap, and accessible directly through the ArbiSmart dashboard. Participants will be able to withdraw funds at any time and be able to stake capital in ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS liquidity pools in return for up to 190,000% APY and 0.3% of the feeds on each trade. 

Keeping up the pace, in Q2, the project will also be releasing a 10,000-piece collection of unique digital artworks, as well as an NFT marketplace where non-fungible tokens can be bought and sold. 

Understanding where crypto is headed next

ArbiSmart has recently upgraded its EU authorizations to cover a range of additional virtual currency services, laying the groundwork for the introduction of additional RBIS utilities in the second half of the year that embrace the latest trends from the metaverse to crypto banking. 

New trends

In H2 the project is introducing the ArbiSmart cryptocurrency exchange as well as a launchpad for funding promising up-and-coming coins . 

ArbiSmart will also be launching a crypto banking package in the latter half of the year, including payment service solutions crypto debit cards and IBANs. 

Additionally, later this year, the project will be releasing a gaming metaverse, where those who enter ArbiSmart’s virtual world will be able to purchase digital real estate, build on it, create and explore new spaces as well as sell their plots of land for real-world financial gains. 

Driving demand and boosting liquidity

RBIS is the currency required for use of all these new products and services, driving demand.  For example, anyone buying a NFT, purchasing an in-game item, or receiving interest on stored funds needs to use RBIS. 

Boosting demand and liquidity

In addition, the utilities across the ArbiSmart economy are interconnected, so a Non-Fungible Token from the marketplace can be used as an avatar in the metaverse. Cross-ecosystem activity will be rewarded. For example, just holding an ArbiSmart NFT will result in a higher yield farming APY, further improving RBIS  liquidity. 

The many new RBIS utilities in the pipeline are primed to drive demand for the token while the finite token supply drops. With demand outpacing supply the price is set to soar and with its current low price the capital gains are liable to be substantial for those who get in on the ground floor.

To purchase the token now before the price takes off, buy RBIS now!

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