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The Giro d’Italia on ItaliaNFT: jerseys, logos, trophy, airdrop and other benefits

ItaliaNFT, the Made in Italy Non-Fungible Token marketplace, has opened a page dedicated to exclusive Giro d’Italia drops a few days ago

The collection of the four jerseys of the Pink Race (the legendary pink jersey, together with the white, light blue and cyclamen jerseys) is already available online, but logos, special jerseys and the Trofeo Senza Fine (Endless Trophy) are also on the way. 

ItaliaNFT and the drop of the Giro d’Italia jerseys

The legendary Giro d’Italia ‘pink’ jersey, along with the white, blue and cyclamen jerseys, all in NFT format, are already available for purchase on ItaliaNFT via the Buy Now option for $49. 

Here is the announcement on Twitter:

“We don’t know who will be the last to wear the maglia rosa, but we know that you could be the first to own one! Discover the exclusive NFT collection that we’ve created to celebrate the Giro d’Italia”.

While the drop of the pink jersey on ItaliaNFT ends on 31 May, the other three jerseys will be up for auction until 5 June. 

In addition to the standard jerseys, there will be space for the so-called “special” Giro d’Italia jerseys: Mortirolo, Sforzato Wine, Giro105 Jersey.

The logo becomes a generative with advantageous rarities  

The Giro d’Italia logo was revamped for the 100th edition in 2017, enhancing the key symbols of the event: the Endless Trophy, the emblem of the final victory, and the rider in the Maglia Rosa. 

Amore Infinito (Endless Love), the name of the logo, identifies the Tour in all its visual manifestations, both online and offline, a symbol that for more than 100 editions has thrilled and warmed fans, insiders and riders from all over the world and from different generations.

In the NFT version, available in a limited series only on ItaliaNFT, there will be space for a number of variants, including the centenary logo and a limited edition animated generative with four rarity levels:

  • COMMON (40% of total): NFT only
  • RARE (30%): NFT plus complimentary white or blue or cyclamen physical jersey
  • SUPER RARE (20%): NFT plus complimentary physical pink jersey
  • EPIC (10%): NFT plus complimentary physical pink jersey autographed by a past Giro d’Italia champion 

Airdrop: the NFT of the campaign is given away by ItaliaNFT

pink jersey nft italianft

To promote the arrival of the Giro d’Italia on its platform, ItaliaNFT has decided to offer its users a very special gift: a free collectible. The object of the airdrop is the initiative’s worldwide campaign, Giro d’Italia has never been so cryptic, created by Iabicus, a leading creative and advertising agency in corporate communication. 

To redeem the free NFT, simply register on the platform.

ItaliaNFT and the Giro d’Italia on Blockchain

The marketplace that brings the Giro d’Italia on the Blockchain was born from a partnership between ItaliaNFT and RCS Sport with the idea of creating new value initiatives, both physical and digital, linked to the world of top sporting competitions. 

The jerseys and other physical creations of the Giro d’Italia are true NFT artworks, crafted by ItaliaNFT’s Lab using advanced scanning and computer graphics techniques to replicate the look and feel of the original jerseys, ensuring a visual experience augmented by digital animations. 

The Giro d’Italia is only the first entry in ItaliaNFT’s journey into the world of Italian excellence. 

The platform was launched at the end of 2021 and has already hosted some big names on the artistic scene (among them Lodola, Vedovamazzei, MYFO) and will create new NFT collections in the coming months to highlight the masterpieces of culture, cinema, literature, music, sport and production in Italy. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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