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Brave integrates Solana blockchain support into its wallet

Just yesterday, Brave announced that its wallet will also support the Solana blockchain. Thanks to this new implementation and several added features, it will be much easier for users to interact with numerous dApps on the market.

Brave offers new cross-chain solutions: now also supporting Solana’s blockchain

BAT and the Brave Wallet become integrated with Solana

Brave is the leading browser for Web3 interfaces. It was born with the idea of changing the digital advertising industry, a world where users have no choice but to display content as they please.

Today, thanks to Brave, it is possible to receive BAT rewards every time one chooses to access the content of a given advertisement. 

This model makes it possible to share part of the profits from advertisers, with their users and creators. 

Brave has always shown a keen interest in cross-chain solutions, with a constant focus on its users and the growth of the blockchain world. 

Brave Wallet, in fact, before this new implementation, already supported Ethereum and several EVM-compatible blockchains, such as Avalanche, Celo, Polygon and BNB Chain. 

Now it will also be possible to interact with the entire ecosystem of Solana-based dApps, directly from the Brave Wallet. Besides supporting the network, it will be possible to buy, sell and store SOL and SPL tokens, a standard similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20.

Not only will there be a version of BAT compatible with all EVM networks, but it will also be possible to obtain a wrapped version that can be used on Solana, simply by interfacing with the Wormhole bridge

The fantastic news for all crypto lovers is thus announced on Brave Browser’s official twitter profile:

This new update once again represents an important entry point for mass adoption. Interoperability between different ecosystems, a critical factor in the current blockchain market, now seems to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. 

Brave will allow users much easier access to the various DeFi platforms that largely populate the dApp sector. Choosing the ecosystem one wants to operate on will no longer be a problem and slowly one will move towards a more unified world

The strategic partnership with Ramp

Among the new features, it will be possible to buy SPL tokens directly from the wallet thanks to the integration of services offered by the Ramp platform

Ramp’s infrastructure overcomes major obstacles that make user access to DeFi services more complex. 

Thanks to special APIs, applications and platforms can implement Ramp, allowing users to buy crypto without leaving their dApp or wallet

This important functionality eliminates the action of first going to a centralized exchange to convert from fiat currency, and then transferring the obtained cryptocurrencies back. 

Not only SPL tokens: the partnership with Magic Eden

This fantastic news could not have come on its own. In Brave’s official announcement, we read that the Solana version of the BAT token can be used to buy NFTs on Magic Eden.

Thanks to the new partnership with the largest community-first ecosystem and NFT-based marketplace, BAT’s horizons become broader, pushing its use beyond its current boundaries. 

It is enough to mention that Magic Eden recently surpassed Opensea in daily sales volume. 

Sidney Zhang, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Magic Eden, commented on the new partnership with Brave:

“Magic Eden and Brave users are two of the most active and vibrant crypto communities in the world today. By enabling them to trade NFTs on Magic Eden with BAT, we are able to unlock new token utility for Brave’s crypto-native audience in Solana NFTs. The integration of a Solana dApp-enabled like Brave Wallet in our marketplace will further drive the ecosystem forward”

Eliano Martellucci
Eliano Martellucci
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