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NFT Show Europe: an immersive experience on blockchain technology, metaverse and crypto-digital art

NFT Show Europe is set to become the leading European meeting point for metaverse, blockchain and crypto experts, full of investment opportunities and workshops while being immersed in an inspiring digital art exhibition.

From September 17th to 18th 2022, the Spanish city of Valencia will host world-class speakers that will share their insights on key factors related to Blockchain Technologies, Metaverses, Decentralized Financial Systems, NFTs, Cryptos and Digital Art.

Key themes & activities at the NFT Show Europe

nft show europe
The NFT Show Europe will be held in Valencia in September

The exclusivity of the event opens the doors to businesses and investment opportunities targeting a wide international audience. #NFTSE22 focuses on visitors that value the potential of the blockchain technology: investors, experts, renowned NFT digital artists and high-end collectors.

The key themes of the event include insights in trending topics such as the challenges and the opportunities in the metaverse, cybersecurity, controversies, legislation changes, game-changing software and applications, NFTs and market forecasts. 

By means of keynotes, conferences and workshops where analysts, investors and NFT artists share their vision on the future of these technologies. All together in a set up that mesmerizes the visitors with a world of experimental and interactive art, immersive experiences and virtual reality.

The event is widening its ranks and unveiling new experts and artists every week, having already announced world-renowned stars, such as:

  • Soliman López, a contemporary artist specialized in art, science, sociology and technology; 
  • Ulysses, a 15-year music industry veteran who began his career producing & writing hits for several top charting contemporary musicians; 
  • Javier M. Floren, the co-founder of the first NFT collection customized with human DNA;
  • Cabline, Lawyer and Objkt curator;
  • VNCCII, Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII;
  • Laurent Perello, TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor; 
  • Meta Mori, the world’s first Bored Ape VTuber;
  • Irina Karagyau, Head Ambassador for Western Europe of the Polkadot Network and BDO at Unique Network.

The digital art exhibition that accompanies the event count with artists such as Zancan (France), A.L. Crego (Spain), Kim Asendorf (Germany) and Rudxane (Netherlands).

The venue, the City of Arts and Sciences, is an internationally recognized cultural and architectural complex. Located in the green heart of Valencia it is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia.

Tickets will go on sale on the official website of the event during the first week of June 2022.