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SuperRare partnering with Async to enhance Crypto Art

SuperRare, the renowned NFT marketplace of artworks, has partnered with Async Art to enhance Crypto Art by offering integrated products. To mark the occasion, a collection of Blueprints was released together with Crypto Art pioneer Osinachi. 

SuperRare and Async: a new partnership dedicated to Crypto Art

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The collection of the artist Osinachi on the occasion of the new partnership between SuperRare and Async

SuperRare Labs has reportedly announced its strategic partnership with Async Art to offer integrated products dedicated to Crypto Art. 

Essentially, this is a combination of the marketplace dedicated to the discovery of quality artwork with one of the most popular art movements built on Blockchain, which has seen the drops of XCOPY’s Grifters and Coldie’s DecentralEyesMashup, among many others. 

Async is known in the NFT space as a creation platform for innovative works, and offers artists the tools to create a series of future-oriented interactive artworks, providing collectors with works that have purpose and utility

Blueprints also makes it easy for Async artists to create their own collections of generative art from a single source, without requiring any coding expertise. 

In view of this new alliance, Async and SuperRare also released a collection of Blueprints together with Crypto Art pioneer Osinachi. 

“Join the SuperRare and asyncart teams along with osinachiart to talk about the “Across the Face,” the Blueprints collection and product integration. Pick up an Edition of “Across the Face” via SuperRare and join us to discuss more”.

SuperRare and Async and the first ‘Across the Face’ NFT collection

The new “Across the Face” collection is minted on Async and will have secondary listings available on SuperRare, for its first time ever. 

Just like any other sale on SuperRare, a portion of the proceeds from secondary sales for this NFT collection will automatically go to the treasury of the SuperRare DAO community. 

In this regard, Osinachi said:

“By taking the idea of collaboration in web3 to another level, this partnership marks a new era in NFTs and cryptoart for creators, collectors, and platforms”.

The 10 independent virtual galleries within the NFT marketplace

Last April, SuperRare announced the launch of 10 new independent and self-sufficient spaces within the marketplace to sell unique NFTs. 

These were 10 virtual galleries that were proposed and voted on by SuperRare’s DAO, involving the RARE governance token. 

At the time of writing, RARE is worth $0.27, but during the voting for the 10 virtual galleries, its price touched its ATH (all-time high) of $1. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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