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PINKO enters the metaverse by launching its “Meta Love Bag” NFTs

Italian clothing company PINKO enters the metaverse by launching its first NFT collection called “Meta Love Bag”. 

PINKO and the launch of the Meta Love Bag NFT collection

Love Bag by PINKO
Mini Love Bag by PINKO

Italian fashion brand PINKO is ready to embrace Web3 and the metaverse, launching its first NFT collection called “Meta Love Bag”. 

Specifically, it is the first meta-physical version of the iconic ‘Love Bag’ accessory that is transformed into 10 unique Non-Fungible Token artworks, which can be purchased to gain a primary role in the digital community that will be built around Pinko’s presence in the metaverse.

Meta Love Bag was realized in partnership with Mirror, a digital agency at the forefront of asset and experience creation in the Web 3.0 sphere.

Not only that, the first unveiling of the project will take place at Viva Technology 2022, the annual technology event that will be held at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles from 15 to 18 June. 

PINKO and the partnership with Mirror to create the NFT collection

The new PINKO-Mirror partnership will result in the unveiling at Viva Technology of the collection’s first three NFT artworks, created by 3D artist and Mirror art director Umberto Daina

PINKO’s NFTs open the doors to new virtual worlds for customers, giving them access to exclusive party communities, digital and live events, and other future drops. 

In general, the brand’s aim is to create a first and original ecosystem, a meta-commerce, which will be accessible thanks to the NFT collections, and around which to develop a new and interconnected PINKO community. 

On this subject, Pietro Negra CEO of PINKO said:

“We studied for a long time the possibility of making our first move in the metaverse. clearly the industry is in a phase of great ferment and experimentation, there are no business best practices to apply. This is why we decided to give a digital voice to our mission statement ‘Inspire Woman to Play Bold’ and what better environment than the metaverse can grant us the opportunity to expand our vision of engagement for our female consumers?”

The previous choice of the Luxochain blockchain

Last year in March, PINKO launched Reimagine, a special collection of clothes made by reclaiming old garments and using Luxochain’s blockchain to certify them

In order to make each garment unique, instead of NFTs, at that time PINKO had used the blockchain for certification that was viewable by the customer via smartphone, as well as the NFC chip that had been inserted into the tag

The collection was created by PINKO’s creative director, Caterina Negra, and reused 4,000 metres of fabric destined for waste, dedicating at least 6-12 hours to each garment. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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