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How To Choose the Best Bitcoin play to earn platforms

There are new casinos opening every day and everyone is trying to make their best possible because it’s one of the businesses that will make an easy profit. This is especially true when it comes to crypto casinos that are easier to maintain and with enough funds, you can start it in 2 weeks.

If you like to gamble or bet on sports, there are a few things you should know before choosing an online casino. A good thing is that there are a lot of them nowadays so you will find a few that work for you. In order to do that, you will need to look into their reputation, regulations, community, and other factors.

Community and Reputation

Most people that are gambling online on these platforms are into crypto and have some investment of their own. They are usually a part of the community and if you are also you should check the Discord or Reddit group of the platform. Almost every website has a group where people share their experiences, winnings, and opinions.

These groups are a perfect place to check if someone had issues with withdrawing or any other problem. It’s hard to build a reputation online like in real life so check a few review websites that give an honest opinion about the casino. The review should be done by someone that played on the website and tried to find any flaws.

Playing Options

Even if they have a great community and terms of condition, they need to have what you want to play. Most online casinos have hundreds of slot games and table games so there’s a big chance you will find something you like.

Check if they have an option to try out games for free so you can see if you want to play them in advance. Registering is very easy and you won’t need to provide any ID so it will take no time to check this out.

Be Careful

Regulations are very different when it comes to traditional and crypto casinos. Traditional casinos need to be regulated and they are usually well established compared to crypto. So, be careful when you visit a website that isn’t very popular because you might have problems with privacy and payment.

A great piece of advice is to start small and add the lowest amount that you can so you can try the withdrawing option and a few games. Some of them can sound too good to be true when they provide some amazing bonuses. Try to avoid those because there’s usually a catch that you haven’t read.

Another thing that you can check without any investment is their customer support. If they are very slow with their answers or don’t answer at all, there’s something fishy going on. Crypto casinos are meant to be more secure and reliable but the problem is that there’s a lot to improve to achieve that goal.

Payment Options

Less than 1% of visitors will check the terms and conditions of an online casino but everyone will check what payment options they have. This is a common thing because we don’t bother reading long texts. This isn’t a bad thing because a scammer can just place a text that isn’t valid.

If you are looking for a Bitcoin casino, check how many coins they support and if they have a fiat currency option. This will rarely happen because it’s hard to get a license but these platforms are usually safer. The more options they have the better because you’ll have more methods to withdraw also.

One advantage they can have over others is a mobile app so you can play on your phone properly. Most crypto exchange websites have an application so it will be easier for you to make transactions. Remember that there will always be some bad reviews online so you won’t be able to find a platform that is 100% clean.

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Paolo Montemurro
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