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Noku announces the Pre-Mint date of the ‘Heroes: Genesis’ PFP collection

Noku, the Web3 platform that features NFTs, play-to-earn games, and soon the metaverse, has announced the pre-mint date of the PFP collection ‘Heroes: Genesis’ on 22 June 2022 at 1 PM Italian time. 

The pre-sale will take place on Nokuchain to allow users to receive the NFT in advance and unlock the new features immediately, before anyone else.

Noku and the announcement of the ‘Heroes: Genesis’ Pre-Mint

Noku has announced the date to start minting ‘Heroes: Genesis’, the platform’s new PFP collection, developed via the NPFS PROTOCOL (Noku-Planetary-File-System). 


This is a great day: we have the official pre-mint date!

On 22/06 you’ll be able to mint our Heroes: Genesis.

They’ll unlock straight away:

  • farming
  • reserved tournaments
  • early access to our metaverse

Stay tuned for further details”.

As of 22 June 2022 at 1:00 PM Italian time, it will be possible to mint Heroes: Genesis on Nokuchain, and new owners will be able to unlock the following new features

  • farming (staking the NFT to passively “farm” tokens and other NFTs);
  • tournaments reserved for Heroes: Genesis owners with really interesting prize pools;
  • early access to their metaverse, a play-to-earn environment with a VIP area reserved for owners of their NFTs. 

Users will be able to receive the NFT as a preview and unlock the new features now, before anyone else, without paying minting fees, and only bridge to and from ETH afterwards.

Noku and the PFP collection from ‘Heroes: Genesis’ on Nokuchain

Heroes: Genesis is the first NFT Cross-Chain project with Gaming and Farming in place, developed with a Low-Fee-Minting technology

In fact, the architecture developed by Noku for the ERC 721-N allows metadata to be shared between different chains, while maintaining a set of data for each, thanks to the NPFS protocol. This prevents dissimilarity of data across different chains and in addition helps users save a lot of money in gas fees.

In general, Noku is a Web3 platform dedicated to the NFT world with its own blockchain, Nokuchain. 

With more than 70,000 users, the platform aims to offer an all-round service with play-to-earn games, an NFT marketplace, a metaverse about to be released, and many other new features to be added this year. 

NOKU tokens and the gaming industry

Noku also launched its native NOKU token in 2017, already with the NFT gaming protocol, with the goal of bringing social freedom and economic independence to as many people as possible through secure means of exchanging value. 

Thus was born the Nokuchain, a scalable EVM blockchain that improved the performance of classic NFTs for gaming. 

Noku’s first NFT game is Crypto Heroes (July 2021) and in this context, the NOKU token is the centre of the entire ecosystem, settling NFT purchases and game rewards.

At the time of writing, NOKU is worth $0.31, following a price drop since 13 June that follows the general trend of major crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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